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Recent content by opusxfiles

  1. opusxfiles

    Whats in your glass right now?

    Pappy Van Winkle 12 year at the moment. Mmmmmmmm......
  2. opusxfiles

    iPad interface

    Hmmmm... I'll have to check it out. I always use the Tapatalk forum on my iPad to access CP.
  3. opusxfiles

    Laid Off Smoke Recommendation

    Ok guys- Let's just say you were just laid off from your job of 6 years and you needed to chill out and get your mind calm. What smoke would it be? R
  4. opusxfiles

    Looking for a budget tablet....

    There are a lot of routes to go, but in the end, you'd probably be happier saving up and going iPad. They are the best tablet, hands down.
  5. opusxfiles

    Chattanooga HERF tonight.

    Tonight at CBC hamilton place location. Starting around 7:00!
  6. opusxfiles


    Tonight I'm headed to Burns at Chattanooga Billiards Club. I'm gonna smoke and drink bourbon a lot. That's all I had to say. :)
  7. opusxfiles

    Hate to do this but............

    IMHO, Don was right in posting and Emoshun did the right thing. Things don't always go smoothly, but it's awesome when everyone makes it right.
  8. opusxfiles


    Hahahaha! Awesome! Thanks for clarifying! I know I've been gone a while, so I'm catching up on lots of stuff!
  9. opusxfiles

    Hate to do this but............

    Ugh. Hope he makes it right.
  10. opusxfiles

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Sampler of Padron 64's, 26's and Hammers.
  11. opusxfiles

    Smoking at Casa Fuente

    Lucky bro, lucky.
  12. opusxfiles

    Amy Winehouse-DEAD

    Another member of the 27 club. Sad and creepy.
  13. opusxfiles


    I started reading from the beginning. I'm an old time member who has been gone a while due to health problems. I'm actually accessing the forum through my phone, so I didn't realize the medal was still there, but someone (I don't remember who) gave it to me during the very first newbie wars here...