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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    I was able to score a dozen about 2 years ago and I thought they were nice. I gifted a fair amount of them away. I smoked one about a year ago and they were still O.K. Smoke then up. Time did not do these cigars any favors. But what do you expect for a $5 cigar.
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    Casa Blanca Jeroboam circa 1996

    LOL! Glad to see you made it through it. Looked like an unforgettable experience. I hope JL made it worth your while.
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    Viaje vs. Tatuaje

    Viaje>Tatuaje If you want a cigar that draws, go with Viaje. If not, then go with Tatuaje.
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    Don Pepin Tabacos Baez - Serie SF (Short Filler) Corona

    For what they are, I think it is tough to beat. The filler is comprised of tobacco from San Cristobal, LADC, and My Father. They are nothing out of this world but are nice little yard 'gars.
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    DC Gridiron Greats?

    They are very tasty but on the mild side. Nice creamy smoke though. The GIGs were sold at DC lounges at first. Then they extended them to retailers. 700 boxes made and the filler has some of the same tobacco used in the Stanfords. At $16, not so nice. At, $10-$11, a wonderful treat that will...
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    Today's Smoke II

    I have been ODing on the 858 SG and the Classic SG as of late. Toss in a few Brick House Corona Larga and some Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sun Grown No.60 and that's what I've been smoking.
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    Question about some brands

    Tatuajes are nice but they are too inconsistent. Loose draws have been the norm lately(a box of 2009 Cojonus). I will say you can not go wrong with any Illusiones. They are good. But I'll share a secret with you. Try a Cruzado. The best cigar Dion makes is the Dantes. This is a bold statement...
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Nice review Mike!! These are my favorite $5 NC smokes. I really do like what J.C. Newman did with this cigar.
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    Its always sunny in philadelphia

    I'm a full on rapist. Ya know, dyslectics, children... x 3 for the funniest show on TV!
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    Fuente Hemingway Signature Sungrown

    The texture of the wrappers are very different. The sun grown wrapper is very course in comparison and the veins are thicker(for lack of a better word). Judging only by the color of the leaf would be very difficult.
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    Fuente Hemingway Signature Sungrown

    Nice review!! These are truly a wonderful smoke. Both Hemingways and the 858 are knockout smokes. I think two more boxes of each will enough considering I can't keep my hands off them!!!
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    1 box of each: Signature Sun Grown Classic Sun Grown 858 Sun Grown Signature and 858 are from the latest release. Today was a good day!
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Get the f@*# out of here. I've smoked a hand full of RASS before, the majority of them 2008 and younger, and I hated every single one. Bitter, unbalanced and tasted like ass!! I am shocked!!! Definitely a B+/A- smoke.
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    About two weeks ago, Clint sent me an unbanded fiver so I decided to start off with cigar #1 for the required review. There will be four more reviews to come.... OK. This cigar is roughly 5"x50 and its a beauty. It has a gorgeous golden colorado wrapper with 2-3 veins running up and down the...