1950 Monte #3


Love this place...
Beautiful cigar, no visible veins, oils still very apparent after almost 70 years...

Initial aroma... strong smell of grandma’s attic...

Slightest cut, just the end of the beautiful triple cap, careful not to crack the head...

Cold draw, a bit tight, used my “Perfect Draw”, one pull, and now perfect draw (of course), with just the right amount of resistance.


Very first puff sweet hay, touch of grandma’s attic, very mild spices.


3rd puff comes alive... exquisite premium aged tobacco, fine leather and a touch of spice.

Every puff is so delicious, that I have to retro hale every one, also holding the smoke in mouth, slowly letting it pour out...

Ash is pure white, no flaking whatsoever...


First third:

Thick creamy smoke, aftertaste of raw almonds, fine leather, sweet hay, with the slightest hint of Grandma’s attic.

Very slight salty taste on my tongue as I lick my lips... I would imagine the young virgin rolling these on her bare thighs (I try not to think she’s a great grandmother now 😂)

Burn is razor sharp.

Second 3rd gets a bit of a change with more pronounced spice, Grandma’s attic is almost gone, cream coats the entire mouth...

At this point I’m thinking, what a perfect morning cigar... delicate, hardly any nicotine, full flavored...


Last 3rd, a bit saltier, more spices, fine creamy leather, crushed white pepper on retro, and stronger...

Trying to slow down, by deliberately waiting a full minute between puffs holding smoke in my mouth for a good 5 to 10 seconds, letting it out by opening my mouth but not exhaling... delicious.

Last inch... wow... I don’t want it to end... powerful, full flavored, amazing at this age... this last bit lasted a good 15 minutes.


The creamy smoke stayed cool right up to the end...

Thought I could get one more draw, as it lightly burned my lips.


Final Notes

  • I have several of these Monty 3 boxes, 1 from 1950, and 1 from 1959.
  • An hour after I finished this beauty, I could still taste the creamy sweetness, and the salt on my lips.
  • Total burn time, 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Normal Monte 3 time is about 45 minutes.
  • Total score 100 points.