1970 RyJ Petite Corona (woah)


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Mar 9, 2009
On Sunday, I sat and watched football and quickly started to realize that Bill @CigSid was going to ruin my day! Well, I figured I would at least smoke something he gifted me a year or so ago so that I would not be too upset with him. ;);):p

So, 50 year old cigar!! I wish I had an inventory like this so I could say things like, "could use some more time" and sound cool, but I don't and this was an amazing opportunity! I can't put into words how thankful I am! (for the cigar that is)

Prelight - cedar and strong old leather. Easy draw, not too easy, but just right.
1970 -1.jpg
1st 1/2 - I kept getting a consistent profile that I can only explain as deep or old earth. Not sweet or creamy at all. Retro hale is where its at! That's where I get alot of coffee and chocolate almonds.
Right at the 1/2 way point the draw gets very tight. Not sure how that happens.
1970 -2.jpg

1970 -3.jpg
Continuing past the 1/2 way point I still am only getting the same earthy, old tobacco notes. Draw is still slightly tight.

As I approach the final third I decide to purge the cigar, as Bill taught all of us on a Virtual Herf tasting, and that did the trick! This opened right up.
AND let me tell you, the last 1/3 of this cigar is amazing! This is where it was all at and well worth the time to go slow and enjoy.
Last 1/3 - Boom; perfect draw and full of a more sweet earthy profile. I even get a draw every now and then with some sweet cream come through and even a little amount of white pepper, but it stay pretty consistent just slightly sweeter.
As I nub it down I reflect on how perfect the construction and burn was / is still performing.
1970 -4.jpg

Wonderful smoke, thank you Bill! I can't say thank you enough, this review was long over due so I apologize about that! Took my mind of the world for a little while, including a bludgeoning I took in our ESPN league ;)