2021-23 Montecristo No. 4 (Pre-Embargo)

cabaiguan juan

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Aug 30, 2006
Just having the opportunity to smoke this is a treat! Pre-Embargo, I mean how cool is that?!?!
1/3: Chalk, which I think translates to "old book" or "musty attic" in Bill speak. Oh, and a little bit of sweetness. This is amazingly delicious. A quarter inch in and I get a little bit of pepper. The first third finishes up in old book (chalk in Jon speak), and a little bit of sweetness with a bit of pepper sprinkled in.
2/3: Old book, and some salt- not much, just a pinch.
3/3: Salt is now a bit more dominant. The old book smell/taste is gone. What remains is now tobacco, wood and earth as we wrap up the final third.

This was a treat to smoke. Before lighting, I smelled the cigar from head to foot, and from foot to head, and it did smell like if you were to take a heap of old tobacco, and put it in a dusty old barn (maybe attic?) that is what you would smell as soon as you opened up the barn door. Thank you!


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Jan 25, 2014
Excellent review! The salt is very common with Pre Embargo cigars. Back then, they really did roll them on the thighs of sweaty virgins 😊