Blind Cigar Review Thread #2


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CP Blind Review:

Creamy, woody, some spice on the retro. Well balanced.

End of 1st third
Creamy, cedar, smooth.
At this point, no idea.

2nd third
Cedar, floral, herbal.
My guess, at this point would be Cuban.

Final 3rd
Cedar, floral, herbal, graham cracker, coffee.
Not sure if I’ve had this. 50/50.

Final guess:

And the winner is...

H Upmann No.2

Thanks for sending this my way! Most enjoyable. I’ve not had one in a while. I got the country right. Missed on the Marca. I’d definitely smoke these again. Though I think the Magnum 50’s are still my preferred Upmann, with the half corona 2nd followed by the no.2.


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Blind review time. So I had the wife go into my CC wineador to pick out and de-band a cigar to try. She then put the band in an envelope.2C343F81-A4FA-4F54-88E6-AC15714D2880.jpeg5031B2EB-DD0E-4996-8FBB-FC9E724CF955.jpeg
Measuring about 5 1/2 inch with around a 48 ring gauge. Nice light brown wrapper with some veins but minimal. Smells of a little hay.
Dry draw: I’m getting a little chocolate with some hay, this should be good. Still no idea what she grabbed at this point. If the wrapper was darker I would’ve sworn it was one of my magnum 46, but it ain’t.
Second picture reflects the color better.
1st 3rd: mild to medium strength with a little bit of pepper, some cream, and some hay. A little underwhelming starting out. Retrohale is almost exactly the same except there is some leather to it.
2nd 3rd: medium strength, and now the pepper has disappeared and has been replaced with a light leather and cream. The retrohale is starting to gain some pepper to it but continues to keep its light leather taste.1D538288-0CEA-41E8-A4D7-4E811D7F7509.jpeg
Final 3rd: still maintaining the medium strength with a little bit of added pepper, leather, and the tobacco is starting to come through. Retrohale has some pepper and cream to it but the leather has slowly dissipated.
Guess: I am kind of at a loss when guessing at this. It’s flavors are kind of close to some of the magnum 46s that I have tried before but this one picked up in strength later on. My second guess was going to be something near that of a Montecristo, but I know I only have two types of those in my humidor. I am still going to guess this at being a type if H Upmann.
The reveal:7FFEBA79-F947-4EEE-A67C-3FEF4AB32BD5.jpeg]
I was way off! She picked a good one to try tho. I’ve had these for almost over a year and have only tried one before letting them sit for a while. I think they are 2016/2017.