Blind Cigar Review Thread #2


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Dec 8, 2008
CP Blind Review:

Creamy, woody, some spice on the retro. Well balanced.

End of 1st third
Creamy, cedar, smooth.
At this point, no idea.

2nd third
Cedar, floral, herbal.
My guess, at this point would be Cuban.

Final 3rd
Cedar, floral, herbal, graham cracker, coffee.
Not sure if I’ve had this. 50/50.

Final guess:

And the winner is...

H Upmann No.2

Thanks for sending this my way! Most enjoyable. I’ve not had one in a while. I got the country right. Missed on the Marca. I’d definitely smoke these again. Though I think the Magnum 50’s are still my preferred Upmann, with the half corona 2nd followed by the no.2.


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Mar 3, 2018
Blind review time. So I had the wife go into my CC wineador to pick out and de-band a cigar to try. She then put the band in an envelope.2C343F81-A4FA-4F54-88E6-AC15714D2880.jpeg5031B2EB-DD0E-4996-8FBB-FC9E724CF955.jpeg
Measuring about 5 1/2 inch with around a 48 ring gauge. Nice light brown wrapper with some veins but minimal. Smells of a little hay.
Dry draw: I’m getting a little chocolate with some hay, this should be good. Still no idea what she grabbed at this point. If the wrapper was darker I would’ve sworn it was one of my magnum 46, but it ain’t.
Second picture reflects the color better.
1st 3rd: mild to medium strength with a little bit of pepper, some cream, and some hay. A little underwhelming starting out. Retrohale is almost exactly the same except there is some leather to it.
2nd 3rd: medium strength, and now the pepper has disappeared and has been replaced with a light leather and cream. The retrohale is starting to gain some pepper to it but continues to keep its light leather taste.1D538288-0CEA-41E8-A4D7-4E811D7F7509.jpeg
Final 3rd: still maintaining the medium strength with a little bit of added pepper, leather, and the tobacco is starting to come through. Retrohale has some pepper and cream to it but the leather has slowly dissipated.
Guess: I am kind of at a loss when guessing at this. It’s flavors are kind of close to some of the magnum 46s that I have tried before but this one picked up in strength later on. My second guess was going to be something near that of a Montecristo, but I know I only have two types of those in my humidor. I am still going to guess this at being a type if H Upmann.
The reveal:7FFEBA79-F947-4EEE-A67C-3FEF4AB32BD5.jpeg]
I was way off! She picked a good one to try tho. I’ve had these for almost over a year and have only tried one before letting them sit for a while. I think they are 2016/2017.

H. Vachon

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Aug 30, 2019
It’s finally time for my blind review!

This mystery stick is sporting a nice light brown wrapper. The pre-light aroma is heavy with sweet hay and natural tabacco. The construction is very nice! A few veins, but it’s a damn leaf right!? It has a nice tight pack that is consistent from cap to foot. The draw is a little tight but I have a feeling It will loosen up nicely. The cold draw is giving off flavors of hay and a slight pepper. Man am I excited to get this thing burning!

As I take my first couple of puffs, my tiny single stall garage is filled with a wonderful aroma and a thick layer of smoke. The longer I sit in here, the more I realize I need to get off my ass and organize from time to time. I’m getting cream and natural tobacco flavors right off the bat. The retrohale is smooth with a mild pepper, cayenne maybe? Not sharp like black pepper.

I’m 10 minutes in as I enter the first third, and this cigar is mild to medium bodied. Still a very sweet and creamy smoke. I can’t tell if I’m imagining it, but there seems to be a bit of cinnamon in the finish. I’m loving it so far. The draw loosened up as I suspected and it’s just how I like it. I’m kicking back in my oversized camping chair in the garage listening to Tyler Childers. I’ve been rocking him a lot lately. If you like bluegrass/folky music, you ought to give him a listen! As some of you may know, my wife is not exactly a fan of cigars, so the fact that I’m out of the elements on this cold/rainy/windy day is certainly a treat for me. I’m not rushing this one bit! 😎

The ash is a dark salt and pepper and first dropped around 20 minutes in at about an inch and a quarter long.

As I enter the second third, this mystery stick is still super sweet. I’m a huge fan and I’m eager to open the envelope and expose the band of what may become one of my new favorite smokes. It’s moved more toward a medium body and is very smooth. A very easy smoke indeed. I think I was a little crazy with the cinnamon because that never really moved to the front and is gone from the finish. I’m now enjoying a nice malty/milk chocolate and cream. There’s another flavor coming in but I’m having trouble picking it out at the moment. The retro is still giving me a smooth pepper. It smells like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in here. I doubt even my wife could find anything to bad to say about it. Honestly she’d probably hate it. But what does she know anyway 😉

I’ve reached the midway point at 35 minutes. The burn has been great thus far. The sweetness is starting to fade a little bit. The flavors remain the same but hay has entered the game again. The retro has picked up a slight floral note. I use that lightly because I don’t know how else to describe it but it fits well with the other flavors. The finish picked up a bit of clove and anise that lingers in the back of the throat. Again, big fan! Brad, you totally nailed this man! This stick has many of my favorite flavor notes.

As I say my goodbyes to the 2nd third I still don’t have any guesses as to what this might be. In the beginning I was kind of thinking Monte but this is much lighter in color than most montes I’ve seen. I’ve kind of let comparing to other smoke fall to the wayside since this is unlike most of the smokes I’ve had in the past. At this point I’m just enjoying the experience.

It been 55 minutes and I’m into the final third. I’m beginning to miss this little bastard already. The floral note I picked up earlier in the retro has developed into a cherrywood. It’s also present in the actual draw as well as some earthy notes. The chocolate is still there, but it’s barely hanging on.

As I smoke down to the nub, the smoke is still surprisingly smooth. Mostly earth, wood and rich tobacco flavors at this point. The aroma is buttery and sweet.
This cigar would have paired wonderfully with some Dewars. I decided against it because I didn’t want anything influencing my tastebuds.

I let it die with dignity at an hour and 20 minutes. RIP my friend.

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for 🥁🥁
H. Upmann Magnum 46

I’m a newbie in the cigar world, but I’m a super newb when it comes to cubans. This is a cigar I’ve wanted to try since I joined this forum and read everyone’s praise for them. A huge thank you to Brad for the opportunity. I hope this review was enjoyable for everyone! I’m looking forward to Dan’s review of his mystery stick!

Cheers, my friends!!


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Jun 18, 2006
OK finally got around to doing this. Its a beautiful afternoon 63 degrees and partly sunny here in NYC so perfect smoking weather.

To be honest I am very nervous about doing this review as the solomon is the shape that I either gad awesome experiences or not so good ones as this is probably the most complex vitola to roll and only master rollers should be involved in making them. Here goes nothing


Almost no veins and light colored wrapper. If this is a Cuban the only cigar that has these characteristics is the CUABA. Smell is of light hay. I used a V cut and light it up, This cigar definetely demand patience so I am in for a long haul.

First puff more of the hay flavors and its very mild. Looks like the roll is looser at the foot and tighter toward the head which is probably why the burn is not optimal. I have to keep correcting it


Ash is flaky white/ light gray


Flavors that I am getting are dry leather and wood but very mild in strength. I feel even light coffee would overpower it. If I had to guess it is not Nicaraguan or Honduran due to it being that mild.

I am done with the first 3rd and getting some harshness with retro hale of Marlboro like flavors/aroma


The burn is getting better but still not perfect. Flavors are more or less the same all throughout the second 3rd.


last 3rd is where the cigar becomes interesting as the some spice is creeping in. White pepper mixed with some cinnamon and baking spice. Tghis 3rd was the most enjoyable


I never had this profile so would probably be a mix up between Cuba and DR. Total smoking time 1 hour and 52 minutes. Would I buy this - not really in my wheelhouse. It would be for someone who really like dry woody leathery profile.

Now for the outcome:


Never had this cigar. Here is the Cigars International Link;
They rate is as full bodied. At least I was correct on the DR origin. I would have to say the flavors were muted due to the age on this one.

Hayden Thank you so much for the experience. So who is NEXT ????


H. Vachon

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Aug 30, 2019
No worries man! It’s a shame the age inhibited the flavor, I was hoping that was gonna be a great smoke for ya!


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Jun 18, 2006
Its all good. In this hobby its the experience of trying new things that makes it all fun !!!!


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Jan 2, 2010
I’ve let my stick from CgarDan rest at 65% for about two weeks so here we go.

Relatively nice day and it’s only gonna get colder around here so into the shed away from the wind I go.

This stick is a beautifully constructed lancero, no flaws, small pigtail cap. Aromas of sweet hay, tobacco of course, and mild honey like sweetness.

I clip and take a cold draw. It’s definitely tight which is one thing I’ve always found to be the case with lanceros. I clip a little more. No notable flavors on the cold draw.

Guesses- some sort of ISOM or perhaps Johnny O due to no evidence of glue from band removal on the wrapper. But that’s about all I’ve got.

Toast. Light. And away we go.

Nice. Some cedar-y notes. Very mild. Smooth. Draw is still tight and have to work at it a bit. Ash is dark grey and only holds for about an inch before falling.
Richer flavors but profile stays mild/med. Ash still the same. Draw almost seems to be tightening up. Stumped here! No bitterness, but a mild pepper spice coming through.

Finally getting a good draw with some rich smoke. More full tobacco and slight licorice notes. Dry cedar and pepper. Very enjoyable despite the draw.

I finished up in the dark and headed in to reveal what I had. No guesses beyond my first crack at it. Let’s see what we have:


Hey! Not bad for a shot in the dark! I didn’t know the exact stick but fun to see I was in the ballpark.

Thanks again, CgarDan for the opportunity to enjoy this stick!

H. Vachon

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Aug 30, 2019
A quick backstory as this is not a cigar from the Blind Review thread but it is in fact a true blind review. About 4-5 months ago I received what I called a “spring cleaning” package from a very generous BOTL. This cigar, simply labeled “Mystery Cuban 2007” was included. I finally found the right weather to ensure I could properly enjoy it.

Size: 5 1/2 by roughly 50
Wrapper: Unknown. Reddish brown. Tight construction
Cold draw: Sweet hay, slightly musty


1/3 - A very sweet smoke. Hints of cayenne and milk chocolate. So far, medium body, very smooth. It has what I’ve referred to in my very limited experience with CCs as ‘Cuban zest’. Every time I try to put a flavor to it I can’t, but it seems that every CC I smoke, it has this distinct undertone. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please feel free to call it out!

2/3 - The cayenne has picked up a little bit. Still remaining sweet. Maintaining medium body. Getting heavy nutmeg in the retrohale. I can’t say for certain as I am much less experienced than most people here, but the reddish hue and notes of nutmeg have me thinking it is a rosado wrapper. I could be wrong, but those are two common characteristics of cigars I’ve had in the past with rosado wrappers.


3/3 - This cigar has stayed very consistent with flavor and strength through the whole smoke. Not a lot of transition but it was excellent just the way it was.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a fine aged cigar such as this. Thank you again brother! Sadly, I’ll never know what cigar this was but it was fantastic while it lasted!


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Apr 29, 2011
Great review/photos, even though the identity remains a mystery. Bonus points for the doggo! I understand what you mean about the "Cuban undertone". It's a certain smoothness and taste to it that is always there in the background, no matter where the profile takes the rest of the stick. CigSid may have the most logical explanation I've come across (something in the soil -- or NOT in the soil, per se).