Blind Cigar Review Thread #2


Newb Le professional!
CP Blind Review:

Creamy, woody, some spice on the retro. Well balanced.

End of 1st third
Creamy, cedar, smooth.
At this point, no idea.

2nd third
Cedar, floral, herbal.
My guess, at this point would be Cuban.

Final 3rd
Cedar, floral, herbal, graham cracker, coffee.
Not sure if I’ve had this. 50/50.

Final guess:

And the winner is...

H Upmann No.2

Thanks for sending this my way! Most enjoyable. I’ve not had one in a while. I got the country right. Missed on the Marca. I’d definitely smoke these again. Though I think the Magnum 50’s are still my preferred Upmann, with the half corona 2nd followed by the no.2.