Blu-bacon dip AKA "Crack in a bowl"


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A small yellow onion, although I usually use red just for the color myself.
What's everyone's refrigerator RH preference?
Does this dip go thru a "sick period" the first day?
Does anyone have a good online place to order NF (non franks) hot sauce? I picked some up while on vacation in Mexico last year. What are the chances it the real thing?


Oh My!
Wife prepped it for the big game.

Tried it with potato and corn chips, then carrots and celery.

Like the later.

Very tasty - we used regular bacon and a little extra sour cream.
She also added only a little hot we hot sauced to taste after.

Thanks Ray!


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Made a double batch tonight, now lets see how much actually makes it to the cookout.


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Is there an acceptable sub for the bleu cheese?

I may try this (substitute) soon. My son and I were talking about it the other night. I have some Bleu and Roquefort. I may portion a little of the mix off and sub some Roquefort to see how it tastes.

I started eating more Roquefort after studies suggested it had a lot of health benefits. Not that I am 100% convinced, I just needed an excuse to eat more cheese.
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Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
Stores are still open if you forgot. Double batch in the fridge as we speak.