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Day 1 at Grand Targhee was a bust for snow conditions, but the weather was nice and the mountain is awesome at least.

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Drove to Silverton, CO today, and it's currently snowing so hopefully for better luck tomorrow!
I bet our opinion on snow conditions vary tremendously. You would probably be disappointed skiing on our New England Crud.
Do they even have snow machines in Colorado? They have them even up north here in Michigan. Been a long time since I skied though.
We had great wether today so my wife and I hiked up to the back side of the hill I spent a lot of time on as a kid....Powder Ridge....formerly to 1968 ...Powder Hill...2.5 up and the the same back.....50 degrees.....nice wether to walk in. From the top we could also see Mount Southington in the distance.....both hills are about 600 verticals.....I skied both hills as a kid......conditions were man made....mush due to the heat....but the local special Olympic teams from around the state were having a race and enjoying themselives so we watched the activities for a bit while eating some fruit. Nice day!B0367983-EAA4-4169-B52E-A1F717557F66.jpegEA7B2A58-3156-4D4E-AB6C-36093F50C322.jpeg
sorry for the wrong direction.
Targhee is in Wyoming, I think they might make snow early season, but not sure?

Spent yesterday in Silverton, CO which was amazing. Snowed overnight before we went, but had been warmer earlier in the week, so had about a foot of dust on crust, so conditions could have been better, but the terrain there is ridiculous. This time of year, they only do guides trips, so groups of 8 with a guide, we lucked out and got an apprentice guide. There is only 1 lift, and you boot pack to everything from there. The whole ski area is avy terrain, so you have to carry and avy kit, and it's as gnarly as you want. Can't recommend this place strongly enough if you're a strong skier.

@Devil Doc, had 5 people from VT in our group, one kept sarcastically making comments about flat landers (lift base is at 10k feet, hiked up past 12k a couple times).

Tourist trap hot springs Town at the bottom of maybe the scariest mountain road I've ever driven.


My buddy in the blue helmet resting at one of our gathering points.

Our apprentice guide, young kid right out of college. They get about 50 applicants a year for 3 spots. They learn guiding, avy control, bump chairs, and drive the shuttle. It's a full time voluntary position, but so many people want to do it because it's a foot in the door. If they do a good job they usually get a paid position the next year, and they get experience doing avy work that guys at other resorts don't get in 10 years.
Yup, pretty high, but our mountains which don't get over 6,000 ft., or so, have the weather of mountains 12,000 ft. Plus. flatlander is more a state of mind than a state you were born in. The way I figure things, anyway.

You're probably right on our opinions, but there aren't many ways I would rather spend a day, even in "bad" conditions, than on the mountain, so I would still enjoy the ice coat in sure.
What mountain were you at?
Daughter's ear drum ruptured during school today, and then my son dislocated his knee cap at wresting practice! My wife is never going to let me leave again!

Beaver Mountain was pretty fun though! Told my buddy I'm with I didn't want to hike at all today...



Oh, man. Hope your kids are ok. I think I'd rather the dislocated knee than the ruptured eardrum. How did she do that? My thoughts and more thoughts are with your wife. And then, for you, when you finally get back in swatting distance. :D
Sorry to hear about the kid....Hope it all works out. So where is the wife planning to take off to when you get back?

Photos are still pretty frikking awesome!