Escudo Navy de Luxe ‘03

H. Vachon

King of the Hobo Hut
Aug 30, 2019
This morning I tried my first pull from the 720 pass. This is a new one for me but I’ve seen a lot of people reference this blend so I was excited for the opportunity to try it!

Escudo Navy de Luxe
Tinned in 2003

After doing some research, I learned in 2000 A&C Petersen has been bought by Orlik but when this was tinned in 2003 it was still blended in the A&C factory in Horsens, Denmark. 2004 was when they switched the trademark to Orlik/STG. I’ve seen reviews that the STG blend was not as good as the original or the A&C Petersen blend. I won’t have an opinion on that until I buy a new tin (which I fully intend to do after this first bowl)

Tin note: Grass and dried fruit. Fairly sweet, but not aromatic sweet.

The charing light was very heavy with milk chocolate. Strangely enough this was the only time I ever caught any cocoa notes.

Ten minutes in:
The Virginias brought a sweet hay and a tart fruit to the table. It had a sour mouth feel, not in a bad way, but it kind of made my mouth water a bit the same way a sour candy does, but it was mild and enjoyable. The Perique has a noticeable spice to it, but not as forward as Bayou Morning (my Perique experience is limited at best) The finish last from one set to the next. Off to a great start.

Thirty minutes in:
For how relatively dry this coin felt, there is a ton of moisture collecting in the bowl and stem. At one point I had to take off the stem and blow it out because it was working it’s way into my mouth, which was less than pleasant. The tart fruit has developed into a sweet fig type flavor. Still has a little spice to it as well. The retrohale was smooth and cool through the whole bowl.

One hour in:
The flavor has remained consistent. The relights seemed much more frequent towards the bottom of the bowl. I would recommend taking this blend slow. If you puff too fast. It developed a bitter taste and started to bite. When this happened, I let it go out and rested for five minutes before lighting again and the rest of the bowl was smooth.

Final thoughts:
This was a very enjoyable blend. I’m sure being 17 years old had a lot to do with it, but I’m excited to try a fresh tin. This was great with a cup of coffee while listening to my baseball podcast.
Would I recommend to a friend?

Absolutely, if you are a big fan of VaPers, you’ve undoubtably heard of this blend. But if you are looking to get into VaPers, this would be a great blend to try.
I would rate Navy de Luxe as a 4/5 star