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Don't pull that age bullshit.
When you're not all that much older than you are now, in another decade or so, you'll discover it's not "bullshit." :rolleyes:

However, on the advice of someone my own age and a much longer tenure at CP than your own, I'm exiting this thread.

Edit to hold my tongue. I spoke rashly. We are egalitarian here, and those who are old enough to smoke are given the same regard, regardless of their years beyond that requirement


Either get busy living, or get busy dying
Steps in the downward spiral toward your rep and cred circling the cyber-drain . . .

1. Wow, what a great forum! What can I contribute?

2. My contributions are better than anyone else's. :cool:

3. I'm the most important member of this forum. :thumbs:

4. I'm MORE important than this forum.

5. They don't deserve me here! :angry:

Just sayin' . . . . :whistling:

You have been here 3 months, I would watch where you step... Sometimes it's better to just not post.
Hey, I resent that remark, :D. All kidding aside I am shocked at these actions. I had a chance to smoke with Wilkey and he just did not seem like he would do this. I have learned much from this info. I just hope that it gets put back.



Staff member
As per our registration agreement (which hasn't changed in 9 years), clearly states:

You agree that your posts, threads, messages, etc can and will be stored on the server for as long as chooses to host them, and make said messages public. You are responsible for what you post, and holds no responsibility for content posted by any member.

As a message forum (where people get banned all the time), we can and will host messages that were posted to this site for as long as we choose. I am not going out looking for copyrighted information written by Wilkey - restoring a backup does not violate any IP laws what so ever. Wilkey has requested he be banned from CP, and his wish has been granted.

It's sad to see it come to this, however I will not cover up his mistakes.
Not open for further replies.