Ginseng's Reviews and Informational Threads

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Is that a PSD4 you're holding?
We don't Wiki here at Cigar Pass, we Wilkey. :whistling:
LMAO....GREAT info from your posts Wilkey; CP is the best because of the FOGs and BOTLs like yourself :thumbs:

Keep those cards and letters coming for our mutual education and enjoyment!!!!


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This is simply amazing. Thank you so much for putting all this in one place. You are a true wordsmith and I really enjoy reading your reviews and all the info you've gathered. Many, many thanks to you.
You can but you can't its one of those between the line laws. We can let some of the fellow Lawyers chime in to answer your question better than I can.


May as well un-sticky this, since every single thread linked to has had the original post deleted.
Wow, I'm just a hick from Ks, but I didn't know you could copyright posts on a forum......learn something every day I suppose.


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I am anonymous if you want to know. There a few fellow posters or two who log in under the anonymous banner. Most are former military men who value their stealtness.
Not open for further replies.