How long will this Pass take Pass!


Sleep deprived and cranky
My proposed P’s and T’s:

Put: Fuente Opus X 20th father and son.
Take: Fuente DC Lancero

Put:Romeo y Julieta Churchill (newer)
Take: Hupmann Connie A 14

Put: Por Larrañaga 5ta Avenida (newer)
Take:Cohiba Siglo IV (newer)

Put: Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill (newer)
Take: Partagas Serie D no.2 (newer)

Let me know. I’ll plan to meet up with @mmburtch this week and send the pass to whomever is next as Ed (@Pugman1943 ) will be away 12/14 and with the way usps is moving, it won’t likely arrive before 12/14.
Davi Anni
Opie 20th

OR ED109
Cohiba EL2006
Pugmans takes/puts:
LFD 10
Padron thick
Padron skinny

Monti Groupon de Mastros private batch IV
TAT cojonu 2009
GomeZ Sanchez Leyenda #1 by Micallef
anejo ??
Oliva V Melano fig.

Thoughts on this?
3rd time a charm?

Take Padron Corona - Oliva Melanio

Take Padron Imperial - Monti Groupon Mastros IV Long Churchill

Take Litto Gomez - Put La Flor Cab. Oscuro

Take Between the Lines - Put La Aurora Limited Ed. 2007 Salamon