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In memory of our dear friend Steve (toje)


" Herf King "
Oct 30, 2002
I thought it would be a nice way in remembering or dear friend Steve. He touched a lot of us in different ways and I ask that you post a picture of a happy moment or two. I have a couple of pics to start with and will post more later on:

Charlie Torano, Barry Stein (nyisles) and Steve

The CAO family with a few of the Soprano crew at the Big Smoke in NYC 2006
He was the best, this is a great loss of a true friend.



Edit to add pics.
RIP Steve! Sorry to lose any brother....No matter how little I personally knew them.
Wow, I remember toje from way back in the day on various boards. RIP Steve.
Charlie, I remember that first photo - it was a Torano event at Cigar King in Rockland, NY and that was the first time I met Steve. I'm so sad he's gone, he was such an incredible man. A huge loss to the cigar community for sure. RIP Steve.
Very sorry to hear that Steve's struggle with cancer has ended.

I had hoped that we would have good news in the end.

RIP Brother.
It's always sad to hear about a loss. I didn't know the man, but from the looks of the pictures in this thread, he looked like he had a great spirit. Smiling in every picture.

Rest In Peace Steve
Copied from Barry's (nyisles) facebook page:

Funeral arrangements for Steve have been made and will be at Bradley-Braviak Funeral Home 49 Whippany Rd. Whippany NJ,
on Tuesday, 6/1 from 2-4 & 7-9pm. A funeral mass will be held on Wednesday at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Whippany at 10:00 am.