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Where did all my money go?
Came home feeling really worn down this evening. The heat index was 112° today. Even though I didn’t spend a lot of time out in the worst of it today, I really felt drained by the time I came home. Donella told me I had a package delivered earlier, but Iwas expecting something and something else never entered my mind.
@The Black Cloud completely caught me by surprise today with some West Coast hop love, and Mrs. Fields is already conniving to steal the T Shirt you sent. 😂
Jeff, you made an otherwise miserable, hot and sweaty day. Thanks Brother! 😍

The Black Cloud

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Oh... What’s the name of it Jeff?
MacLeod Ale. I think it has their logo on the back of the shirt. Scottish heritage but UK loyal. I believe they are the closest brewery to me (well, closest not named Golden Road which I'm not a big fan of GR).