Quad State Herf IV - Feb 7, 2009


" Herf King "
I sat down with Glynna Schlesinger and we have officially locked in the date. The event will be the 7th of Feb, 2009 from 1400 (2pm) until.......

Below is the basic info in reference to location, etc.:

Location: Schlesingers Steakhouse & Cigar Bar (Hudson Valley Cigars), 475 Temple Hill Rd, New Windsor, NY 12553



I wanted to get the initial post done so the ones far away can start to look at airline prices and hotel costs. Also, if this will help in scheduling vacation days in need be. As we move along, I will update this thread with the Guest and Sponsors. This year, the monies that we raise from the raffles will be donated to the local Warrior Transition Unit (WTU / SFAC). The WTU / SFAC is the organization that takes care of wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen awaiting futher processing / discharge. Here are a couple of links to give you a better idea of what the WTU is:



I discussed it with Glynna and as it was last year, Schlesingers can accomodate roughly 135 guests between the store, bar and heated tent that will be erected for the herf. So the fun begins....... :) :thumbs: :cool:

GUEST LIST as of Feb 6, 2009

Stogieman - Charlie Baranyai + 9

uptown_isy - Israel Markevitz

Shibumi - Jeff Kreisberg

tony-ny - Anthony

tomthirtysix - Tom K

Carps - David

SouthsideCigar - Dave Hahn

northernmoris - Mike Moris + 2

LOCAL669 - Mark Shafer

fivebyfifty - Stephen Serewko

Diesel Grinch - Chris Tognetti + 1

Bxcigrfan - Pete (Gamaliel Vallejo) + 1

MOBIG - Jesus Rivera + 1

in2xshp - Sam Tramontana + 1

ilcchef2 - Ralph Croteau + 4

siriusstoogie - Joe + 3

Doogie - Jim (Arganese Rep)

Dozer - Mike

Dstate845 - Darrick

The EVP - Pete


Alph Chomper - Alph Winter + 1

Streetrod - Frank Maniscalco + 2

rob300c - Rob Schmidt

grateful1 - Gary G + 4

TheLostGringo - Roger Mann

thinde - Thomas Hinde + 1

smokelaw1 - Josh (maybe)

NASTY - Los Berrios

Fpkjr - Frank Kennedy Jr + 1

Cavalier & Duziesue - John & Sue Faulkner

Gadfly - Dan Ruvin

LouieD - Lou

neilg - Neil G

Tazman - George Kohutich + 11 (Metro Cigar Club crew)

BigMacFU - Sean MacCarthy + 1

avoxo - Tom Bover Jr. + 3

nyisles - Barry + 2

CoventryCat86 - Bill

tigger - Tim

Twingy - Eric

jorel - John Buchholz + 1

NotAquitter - Beth + 1

Damaris & Frank

gdlou - Lou Rodrigues + 2

half full monty - Jim

AngryFishH - Howard Vogel + 2

mrtapes - Mark Steinberg

dkronkster - Duane

Lee - Randolph Lee Bradshaw

Seavita - Vince Flaherty

Dickson - Dickson Larriu + 2

Martin2D - Matthew Martin + 2

Big Jim - Jimmy Ray + 1

BkCloud114 - Tommy Reid

Bravo Lima - Bill Latta + 1

dixieland_conjunction - Bo

simmsboard - Joe Ginter

hdlr - John Borgese

Steve-O - Steve Jaffee

The Eagle (Dee) - Francisco Diodonet

Roadie - George Rodecker

Brinks Boy - Rob

KenM10759 (PixMan) - Ken Mitchell

bigearl - Earl Walcott + 3

Oddjob - Juan Esteves

knuck42 - Bill

ironpeddler - Gary Roberti

rrick57 - Rick Ramel

Big Daddy - Kim

Lil' Joe - Joe Swartz

Mr. Martini - George Quintano

Big Keith - Keith Switzer

Fatguy - Ian & Fiance' Ronnie

Devil Dog - Matt Cassidy + 2

The Chief - Joe Colombo

Joe - Joe Senger

Captain Kayak - Dan

Golfin' Tom - Tom Howley + 1

The Don

Roy R. Frush - Elliot



Schlesingers Steak House / Hudson Valley Cigars (New Windsor, NY)

Uptown Cigar Co. (uptown_isy) - (Kingston, NY)

Southside Cigar (Clarksburg, NJ)

CAO (toje) - (Nashville, TN)

The Metropolitan Society Cigar Club (Tazman) - (Fairfield, NJ)

Heartfelt Industries (viper139) - (Carson City, NV)

FUMARE - Illusione Cigars (vudu9) - (Reno, NV)

Cigar Solutions (ronc) - (Long Island, NY)

General Cigar Co. (Richmond, VA)

Lighters Direct (Forest Hills, NY)

Jake Lilley (BigJake6904) - (College Station, TX)

Jameson Cigar Co.

Tower Pipes & Cigars Inc. (NorcalMark) - (Sacramento, CA)

Cigars of Habanos (Hong Kong)

Nat Sherman International (New York, NY)

Don Francisco Cigars (East Brunswick, NJ)

Camacho Cigars Inc (Miami, FL)

Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars (New York, NY)

Torano Cigars (Miami, FL)

Just For Him (Springfield, MO)

Altadis U.S.A. Inc (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Jack Schwartz Importer (Chicago, IL)

Cuban Crafters (Miami, FL)

William Wyko (Tucson AZ)

Import Cigars (Franklin, IN)

Twin Shoppe (Philadelphia PA)

DryMistat Inc (Pompano Beach, FL)

Staebell & Associates (Richardson, TX)

Outlaw Cigar Company (Kansas City, MO)

Philly Smoke Shop (hermit11) - (Philadelphia, PA)

Arganese Cigars (Westerly, RI)

Killer Beans & K.Dees Coffee (Lafayette, IN)

Town & Country / TabooCigars.com (North Richland Hills, TX)

Gary Gipstein (grateful1) - (Tolland, CT)

Ted's Made By Hand (Louisville, KY)

Reyes Family Cigars (Miami, FL)

Tobacco Village (Greensburg, PA)

House of Finest Cuban Cigars (Hong Kong & Switzerland)

XIKAR, Inc (Kansas City, MO)

La Flor Dominicana (Miami, FL)

Humidipak, Inc. (Wayzata, MN)

Leaf & Ale (Knoxville, TN)

Oliva Cigars (Miami Lakes, FL)

Tabacalera Perdomo (Miami Lakes, FL)

Cusano Cigars (Bradenton, FL)

Cigar Pass (The World)

Port Authority Police Benevolent Association (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Atlantic Cigar Company (Stroudsburg, PA)

Rocky Patel Cigars (Bonita, FL)

Palio Cutters (Brother of the Leaf, LLC) - (Fair Oaks Ranch, TX)

Smoke Inn - (Tequesta -Jupiter, West Palm Beach & Port St. Lucie, FL)

J.C. Newman Cigar Company (Tampa, FL)

Drew Estates (Miami, FL)

Davidoff USA (New York, NY)


count me in Charlie. I had an awesome time last year. I could use a new drew estates hat and shirt.


Bellus Filipinus Vir! :)
I'm in plus 3 from my Jersey crew. The Twin Cities crew can sign up for themselves. You know, for Minnesotans going to NY in February is like New Yokers going to Florida--It's Spring Break for us!!!!!! :) :sign: :sign: :sign: :sign:

Best Joe


" Herf King "
I just updated the Guest / Sponsor list. The thread hasn't been up yet 24 hours and we're alreay up to 36 guests....... :D :thumbs: :cool:

Alph Chomper

New Member
Alph , Ronnie and Tom, same as last year will be there. Driving over from the fair state of Connecticut.
Aloha until February!