Sad news about LouieD


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I regret to inform everyone here that our dear friend and BOTL Lou Devito has passed away. I spoke with Lou not too long ago after having a knee replacement and it seemed as if he was getting better and almost able to be out and about. This was a huge shock to me hearing this news from Danny from Newburgh. His daughter spoke with him and has passed the following information. The service will be held on Friday, from 2p-4p and from 7p-9p. There will also be a Memorial service on Saturday at 11a. These services will take place at the Cargain Funeral Home in Mayopack (?), NY on Route 6. I will find out if his family needs anything and will let the community know.

Rest in peace, Lou. You will be missed, my dear friend.


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This just breaks my heart. Lou was the first guy that I ever did a trade with on CP, and became a very dear friend. I hung out with Lou both times I made it back for the Quad State Herf. Lou was always generous, quick with a laugh, and a great man to call a friend. I miss him terribly already; trips to the East Coast just won't be the same without my friend Lou there.

My most sincere condolances to his family.

Rest in peace, my friend.


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I can't believe this Isy. I can't tell you how many times I shared a cigar with him. It pains me to hear of his passing, he was a great friend and person. Louie you'll be missed my friend, rest in peace.


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Wow... Don't really know what to say. The last time I saw Louie was up at JimD's shop in Hartford for a cigar dinner. I was sitting in the back having a cigar, Louie walked in the front door, saw me, and yelled "TOMMY!" across the store. Just had a way about him that would make you laugh. Don't really know what else to say.

Rest in peace, Louie.


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Oh no. Truly a great loss. We had way to many smiles at the QSH and JimD' are missed my friend!

Rest in Peace.



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Here is the link to the funeral home. He is not listed yet.


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I don't know Lou, but I am sorry to hear about his passing. It sounds like he was a great person/friend/father, I would have loved to have the opportunity to meet him.

RIP Lou.


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Damn, I can't believe this, while I never met him in person, we traded, and he even one a contest a few times. I used to talk to him regularly up until a year ago....unbelievable and sad to hear.


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I am without words, my dear friend Louie passed so suddenly. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and I'll miss him dearly. I'll smoke an Anejo - Reserva Shark 77 this Thursday evening in his honor.


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In his memory, smoke an Opus X tonight....I will!


Yea Charlie...he liked those a little too! ;)
I think I can get one out for Thursday!


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Never had the pleasure of meeting him but My heart goes out to his many friends on CP and his family.

Rest in Peace brother.


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This sucks. From the handful of times that I met him, he seemed like an all around good guy.

Rest in peace.


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I never got to meet Lou, but conversed with him several times. He's always been kind of behind the scenes on CP, but always had kind words and was very supportive of fundraisers for CP, etc.


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In his memory, smoke an Opus X tonight....I will!


Yea Charlie...he liked those a little too! ;)
I think I can get one out for Thursday!
Don't forget his PSD4
Last time we smoked was at Schlesinger's and we had great time there with the crew. He will be missed.


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Never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing Lou, but regardles, sounds like he was one hell of a guy. My condolences to his many CP friends and family.

RIP Brother.



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Wow this really sucks. I met Lou at Schlesingers and we all had a great time just shooting the shit. He was a great brother and will truly be missed.

RIP Lou.