Samuel Gawith Black XX

H. Vachon

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Aug 30, 2019
Before I get started on this short review I wanted to say thank you to @Nate1977 for the opportunity to try this tobacco. I had never heard of it before you sent it.

This rope style tobacco will surely make a man out of you. By the time I finished I could have braided my chest hair 😂 Incredibly dark flavors. I have never before truly understood how people get charred steak out of a tobacco but this was undeniably the more forward flavor. It is a Virginia blend but it could have fooled me. It’s darker in appearance than many Latakia heavy blends I smoke. My personal opinion is that this blend would mix super well with GL Pease Spark Plug. Perhaps 1 part SG black to 3 parts Spark Plug. I plan to try this and will report back. It would really compliment that profile. This reminded me of a steak that had one too many grease fire flare ups under it. No sweetness or flavoring to be found. This is truly an unadulterated high strength tobacco. I really think it’s worth a try but don’t expect a normal smoking experience. If anyone else has tried this, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks again Nate!!


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Sep 12, 2016
sitting here working threw a bowl of this.
Definitely charred steak, but also picking up ,dirt , smoke from like a chicken bbq , little bit of sweetness in the background.

Not bad the way it is , however I could mixing well with spark plug , possibly an Oriental.