Seasonal Mood Disorder


Oh My!
grateful1 said:
This is for all members alike.

Remember once the season changes your humidity level will change. Don't obsess about it!

Read the many threads on causes and fixes. Plus the ones about setting up a humidor/cooler/vinotemp/any other storage device you can imagine. If you spend all the time on why you can't maintain an erection, it becomes a reality. Enjoy the hobby, get some beads, buy a better humidor or cooler and smoke one of those babies once in a while!

For those of you that continue to obsess about this they have a multitude of mood altering chemical products to alleviate the stress. YMMV
This helps with relieving stress as well!
Now that spring has nearly sprung....check your humi again!


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Always a great time of year for the humidity questions. You are right wait till all the furnaces turn on! LOL


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I just read this whole thread and guys I'm really concerned about my wineador. The temperature keeps sticking to a consistent 63 like I have it programmed but the humidity has dropped to... wait for it... 63.23019% from my ideal 64.27431%!!!!!

HOW DO I FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!! :confused::confused::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: