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SensorPush, Govee and Radio Shack/Oregon Scientific Hygrometer Review and Comparison


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Jan 31, 2005
After about 32 hours, here's where we are. Govee unit is basically brand new, SensorPush units are about 2 years old, with fresh batteries. No compensation was used, this shows how the individual units are calibrated. Not bad, but the salt doesn't lie..... Bottom line, you should really be salt testing any of these units. I added calibration to them all to get them all to read 75% and left them in the unopened cal environment. Later this afternoon, I'll see where we're at.

Screenshot_20210118-201518_SensorPush.jpg Screenshot_20210118-201708_Govee Home.jpg

Still thinking the "old" (non-WiFi) Govee is a heck of a deal, for the price.