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Souldog, may you now rest in peace!  God has another "Guardian of the Gate's" up there, if he needs em!  Sad news!
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This is very sad news, I was just talking about the first time we hung out the other day. Ad Astra brother, rest well


My fellow brother in blue has lost the hardest battle of all, the one of the mind. He was a great man to a fault, and I will miss him. I tried so hard to help him, to the point of losing him as a friend towards the end. I wish I could have done more and found some way to help him ease the pain. I'll never forget the times I had with him. We took vacations together, laughed a LOT together, shared some fucked up stuff from work, and helped each other through some really hard times. He really was a brother to me and I am happy to have known him, I just wish I could have talked to him one last time. I was just thinking about him yesterday and now I know why.


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Shit.. I didn't know him as well as a lot of you but we did talk and joke around a few times during trades and GB's. He was a great guy and I wish I could have known him better. RIP Brother.


jfields said:
Damn! How many of you ( like me) are wishing you reached out to him a bit more.
RIP brother!
I've been thinking that all day.
I know tonight I'll be smoking a cigar Jon gifted me.
I first met Jon when we met up to herf at Edwards Air Force Base and he drove all the way to the north gate...everyone gave him so much shit for that...he took it in stride. Had a great time smoking cigars and eating some damn good steak after the tour.  I heard about his passing from a fellow RSO employee last night and didn't put 2 and 2 together and realized it was him till I saw the article this afternoon.  RIP Souldog


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Just saw this on Facebook and I'm crushed by the news. Jon was one of the first friends I made here and I can't believe he's gone now. RIP brother, you will be missed.


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Thank you for the good times in KC, the laughs, and all the contributions to the board.  I hope you are at peace.

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I'll never forget that day a 70 pound brick of concrete arrived at my door from Jon and Matt. Although we never met this is really sad to hear... You will be miss brother and thank you for everything you contributed here. Most of all thank you for all your hard work as an officer!