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The "Christ, I got married pass"


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Jan 25, 2006
Hello all. I'd like to start my fist pass here on CP (or anywhere for that matter). Frankly, it's just for fun and celebration and there is no special twist. I'll be having a few contests here and just have fun with it. I've been on here for a while but haven't met most of you so perhaps it's a way to become more aquainted.

Christ, I got married
Sharing a few Siglo III's with my wife and two best friends


I am going to leave 12 spots open and invite three that I'd like to have in. If they can't I'll open the rest of the spots to the lot of you. You must have at least 100 posts and be in good standing. The rules are simple (thank you Swissy for letting me borrow these without your permission :whistling: )

The Rules:
1. When you receive the pass, please do an inventory and make sure everything is there and numbered correctly!
2. Please inspect the box and packaging materials for proper cigar packing and RH%. Either post your concern or contact me directly via PM.
3. Do not remove the cigars from their baggies unless they are part of your approved P/T's.
4. Please post your proposed P&T's in the forum prior to the pass arriving to you. If anyone has an issue with someone else's plays, please be polite about it and post your concerns in the forum.
5. Put & Takes's (P/T's) should be: A) value for value, B) ISOM for ISOM, C) NC for NC, D) Premium for Premium, and E) Rarity for Rarity. (I'm not a real stickler for this, but be fair to those brothers who haven't had the pass yet)
7. Please notify next person in line via a post in this thread prior to shipping to confirm they are ready to recieve the pass.
8. Ship the package via USPS PRIORITY and post the Delivery Confirmation Number (DC#) in the forum. For you newer CP members, use online shipping from USPS.Com - you get free DC#'s!

The Pass Order
1. cody5thou (to be placed at a later date)
2. wanlail
3. humboldtflyer
4. Opus meX
5. Putz Mulligan
6. Gator
7. Seth
8. Jonesy
9. J.Fields
10. rob300c
11. rudou
12. Mrepp
13. Brickhouse
14. JHolmes
15. tkoepp
16. Ian Hummel
17. cody5thou

And here is the beginning of the list (I haven't made it to the bottom of the coolidor yet)

1. Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios(Take:Ian Hummel)
2. Montecristo Petit Edmundo (06)(Take:Opus mex)
3. Avo 787(Take:putz Mulligan)
4. RyJ Corona (98)(Take:Gator)
5. Hoyo de Montery Double Corona (07)
6. Diplimaticos No. 2 (05)(Take:rob300c)
7. Cohiba Siglo VI (06)
8. GOF 2005 Don Carlos Robusto(Take:wanlail)
9. San Cristobal Fabuloso(Take:humoldtflyer)
10. Bolivar Petit Corona (05)
11. Diamond Crown Maximus Stanford's 90th(Take:Gator)
12. Partagas Serie P No.2 (05)(Take:rudou)
13. Tatuaje Reserva A Uno(Take:putz Mulligan)
14. FFOX Petit Lancero(Take:Opus meX)
15. Ashton ESG Churchill(Take:Jonesy)
16. FFOX BBMF (Take:wanlail)
17. FFOX xXx(Take:rudou)
18. Johnny O Torpedo (07)
19. Johnny O Sublime (07)(Take:Brickhouse)
20. RyJ Short Churchill Tubo (06)(Take:Gator)
21. Litto Gomez Americano(Take:JFields)
22. AF Hemmi Signature Maduro (Take: Putz Mulligan)
23. Bolivar Gold Medal (07)(Take:Gator)
24. DPG Black Pety Lancero(Take:humboldtflyer)
25. H. Upmann Mag 46 (06)
28. San Luis Rey Double Corona (07)(Take:rob300c)
29. Cohiba Siglo III (06)
30. Padron 64 Diplimaticos Maduro(Take:Jonesy)
31. Juan Lopez No. 2 (06)
32. Davidoff Robusto 100(Take:rudou)
33. Avo LE07(Take:JHolmes)
34. Avo 80th
35. Coronado Double Corona(Take:JHolmes)
36. Cuaba Exclusivos (06)
37. Habana Leon Torpedo (Pepin)(Take:Seth)
38. Havana Soul Churchill (Pepin)(Take:rob300c)
39. Cuaba Diademas (in coffin) (05)(Take:Jonesy)
40. Custom Rolled "A" (07) *Email for info(Take: wanlail)
41. Bolivar Colosales RE Germany(Take:Jonesy)
42. Trinidad Coloniales 05
43. HdM Petit Robusto 07(Take:rudou)
44. Vegas Robania Don Alejandro 06(Take:rob300c)
45. Montecristo Edmundo 06(Take:rob300c)
46. Don Carlos Edicion de Anniversario Toro(Put:wanlail)(Take:Jonesy)
47. Padron 40th Anni Natural (Put:wanlail)(Take:Jonesy)
48. San Cristobal de la Habana El Morro 06 (Put:wanlail)

49. Tatuaje Reserva J21(Put:humboldtflyer)(Take:JFields)
50. LFD DL Chisel Maduro(Put:humboldtflyer)(Take:Seth)
51. FFOX Super Belicoso(Put:Opus meX)(Take:Jonesy)
52. Partagas PSD4(Put:Opus meX)(Take:rudou)

53. DCM Churchill No. 2(Put:putz Mulligan )(Take:Seth)
54. Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas No. II(Put:putz Mulligan)
55. LFD DL Lancero(Put:putz Mulligan)(Take:tkoepp)
56. El Rey Del Mundo Petit Corona(Put:putz Mulligan)
57. Montecristo Double Corona(Put:putz Mulligan)(Take:Jfields)
58. Casa Fuente Churchill(Put:Gator)
59. Cohiba Pyramide EL 2006(Put:Gator)(Take:Jonesy)
60. Punch Churchill ONU CCUG(Put:Gator)
61. Montecristo Robusto EL 2006(Put:Gator)

62. Padilla 1932 Lancero (Put:Seth)(Take:JFields)
63. Padron 1964 Monarca Natural(Put:Seth)
64. AF Hemi Signature Madruo(Put:Seth)

65. FFOX Reserva D'Chateau coffin (2006 Opus 22 set)(Put: Jonsey)
66. P:66 Davidoff Aniversario #3 Tubo(Put: Jonsey)
67. Cohiba Esplendidos '06(Put: Jonsey)(Take:Ian Hummel)
68. Cohiba Siglo VI A/T '05(Put: Jonsey)(Take:Cody)
69. FFOX BBMF '05 tubed (no tickler) (Put: Jonsey)(Take:rob300c)
70. Perdomo EDS Salomon Maduro coffin(Put: Jonsey)(Died a glorious death in the battle of the USPS
71. Camacho Liberty 8/11 'o7 coffin(Put: Jonsey)
72. Partagas Culebras (unbanded)(Put: Jonsey)
73. Partagas 160 Signature Series Robusto(Put: Jonsey)
74. CAO Sopranos Edition Soldier(Put: Jonsey)

75. PAM 1926 #35(Put:Jfields)(Take:Brickhouse)
76. Davidoff Special R Tubos(Put:Jfields)
77. Bolivar Petit Corona(Put:Jfields)
78. Ashton VSG Sorcerer(Put:Jfields)
79. Cabiguan Guapo(Put:Jfields)(Take:rob300c)
80. LFD DL Lancero(Put:Jfields)(Take:tkoepp)

81. H.Upmann #2(Put:rob300c)
82. Punch Super Robusto Asia Regional 06(Put:rob300c)(Take:Cody)
83. Sosa Pyramid 4+ years old (old band, yellow cello)(Put:rob300c)(Take:Cody)
84. H.Upmann Sir Winston 03(Put:rob300c)
85. Cohiba Robusto(Put:rob300c)
86. Opus Forbidden X 05(Put:rob300c)
87. Cohiba maduro 5 Secretos(Put:rob300c)
88. Fonseca Cosacos 06(Put:rob300c)
89. A.Fuente Hemmingway Maduro Classic(Put:rob300c)
90. Tatuaje Zona del Este(Put:rob300c)(Take:Cody)

91. Monte Edmundo (05)(Put:rudou)(Take:Ian Hummel)
92. FFOX Fuente Fuente(Put:rudou)(Take:Mrepp)
93. Davidoff LE 2007 "Puro Robusto"(Put:rudou)(Take:tkoepp)
94. Bolivar CE (05)(Put:rudou)
95. Monte #2(Put:rudou)
96. Monte #4(Put:rudou)
97. Tatuaje Havana Almirantes(Put:rudou)
98. Tatuaje Noella(Put:rudou)(Take:Mrepp)

99. Añejo 55(Put:Mrepp)(Take:Brickhouse)
100. Tatuje Regios(Put:Mrepp)(Take:Brickhouse)
101. Añejo 77(Put:Mrepp)(Take:tkoepp)

102. Cohiba Siglo III (06)(Put:Brickhouse)
103. Diamond Crown Maximus #4 Toro (Put:Brickhouse)
104. Graycliff Crystal Pirate Pyramid #2 (Put:Brickhouse)
105. San Cristobal Monumento (Put:Brickhouse)
106. Tatuatje Exclusivo Lato Occidental (Put:Brickhouse)(Take:JHolmes)

107. CAO Odyessy 01-02(Put:tkoepp)
108. BTTB Salamone(Put:tkoepp)
109. LFD Factory Press II(Put:tkoepp)
110. ESG Robusto(Put:tkoepp)

111. Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo 06(Put:Ian Hummel)
112. Cohiba Piramide 06(Put:Ian Hummel)
113. Cohiba Siglo IV 06(Put:Ian Hummel)
111. Padron 40th Anniversary Maduro(Put:JHolmes)
112. CAO 65th Moda(Put:JHolmes)
113. Opus X Petite Lancero(Put:JHolmes)
114. Bolivar Libertadores Exclusivo Francia Regional Release(Put:cody5thou)
115. Cohiba Siglo VI(Put:cody5thou)
116. Anejo #46(Put:cody5thou)
117. Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto(Put:cody5thou)
Congrats on tying the knot :thumbs: , I would love to partake if room is available.
Congratulations, Nate. Great idea to celebrate with a pass.
Congrats and welcome to married life, I would love to be in if theres room!
Congrats Nate! I'd love to join in the fun if you'll have me!
Congrats on the marriage.
I'd love to be part of this if there's still room.
Again, congratulations to you Nate! I would love to be a part of this one if you would accept me. Should be a lot of fun!
Congrats Nate, best of luck on the pass!

I would love to join the pass if there is a spot still open.

Another one bites the dust! :sign: Congratulations Nate! :cool:

I would love to participate if there is still room! :thumbs:
Can I play Nate? :whistling:

Edit to say.............Congratulations on getting married. She's a beauty!!! :thumbs:
Thanks for all of the well wishing. God knows I'll need it. No, she was a catch and I can't believe she bought my line of sh*t!. I'll send out an email when this fills up and get everyone's addresses. I hope to have this show on the road by the beginning of next week or sooner.
Congratulations, Nate!

Best of luck on your new life and on your pass. :thumbs:

Congratulations on the marriage!

Still got room on this? I'd like in... :)