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The "Christ, I got married pass"

Star Wars R2D2 dvd projector/figure msrp $4999.99
Star Wars R2D2 web cam/figure
Star Trek Enterprise action toy
Yea brother were have you been!! :laugh: I have already posted my T/P's and it is on it's way home DC:1Z05R6F70345128283 I sent it UPS!!! Looks like this pass is in the books, thanks again Nate for being such a great host!!
my guesses for 1/12 will be singles since this is getting harder
guess #1
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter bed
guess #2 - for 1/12

R2D2 voice activated interactive robot
Oops, I forgot to post the contest!

This one is simple. Guess what big present Santa Clause will bring Jake (my 7yo.) for Christmas this year. Three guesses per day anyone in the pass can participate. The winner will recieve a 5'er of Anejo 48's from this year. Good luck, all.

oops- silly me- guess i should have read back in the thread further..... Sorry and hope I didn't blow it for the pass participants... :love: will bow out now.........
I'll take your guesses and split the prize with ya if you were right. ;)

R2D2 voice activated interactive robot
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter bed
I'll take your guesses and split the prize with ya if you were right. ;)

R2D2 voice activated interactive robot
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter bed

It's about time! And we finally have a winner. But don't look away quite yet. I have one more contest before the end of this pass. I'll have to dig into the furthest reaches of my humi to come up with something worthy of the final contest.
lol... PM me your address, DanTheMan! Thanks for the contest, Nate. :)

How do we split 5 cigars? You wanna smoke half of one and send it??? j/k heck- I'm happy to get one!!! I've never had a shark OR an Anejo before! D PM sent!!! Ya and thanks Nate! looked like a quality pass and a cool contest!!!
Well guys. It looks like this is the end. The pass should arrive here this afternoon and that will end what has been a delightful experience for me. I want you all to know just how much I appreciate your generosity, your diligence, and your assistance in making my first pass an unbelievable success. I was a bit wary of my ability to keep this organized as it isn't generally my strong suit. So to end this pass I want to have one more contest. This contest is for my great pass members only.

My wife and I are going to have our first child this year (not pregnant but we've been practicing! :thumbs:). We've already chosen a boy's name. So that's the contest. Guess the name. Two guesses per day and only one name per guess (Gator ;) ). I'll let it go until someone gets it. The prize will be a five pack of Ramon Allones Estupendos 06, and five pack of Por Larranaga Robusto Regional Release 2007.

So get guessing, and many thanks.

Congrats Nate and great job hosting the pass. I'll guess "Josh" for today. :)
Great pass Nate...thanks for having me join in the fun.

Guess for today (and unbelievable prize pack I might add!)