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The Cigar BB Newbie Guide


Just livin' the dream
Dec 9, 2004
I made the original Newbie Guide back in 2005. I got lax and didn't keep up the domain name so it disappeared a few years ago. I decided to bring it back so this post would be more than a dead link. This has always been a collaborative effort, so feel free to make suggestions for anything you think I should add.

The Cigar Forum Newbie Guide

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WOW Great site you created :thumbs: I am new and made a introduction post THEN I saw your post and read it all. I am very new to any BB so it helped a lot.

Thanks!!! :D
Great site! Very informative, every newbie should read it.
that certainly answers a few questions i had. thanks for this, and helping me not make a dope of myself. good to see a valuable resource is freely available. thanks again nice job.
I'm in the process of getting this moved to a .com address. (Thanks to Rod :thumbs: ) That way it won't have that damn geocities ad on it. Check back in a few days.

:D thanks alot on the heads up to help me not become a screwup....although i dont know if there really is much hope for me...that is all for now
nice compilation of info, eric.

one thing I'd consider adding is, as obvious as it sounds, that members should start new threads in applicable forums.
i.e. reviews in review forums, introductions in the lobby, cigar-related topics in cigar-related forums instead of the lobby etc.
helps keep the BB's organized.

again, great job.
wish your site was around when I was less-of-a-newbie!
I knew I'd forget something puff. If anybody else has any suggestions for stuff I forgot, let me know. When it gets moved, I'll update it.
Well, thanks to Rod (who not only is hosting it for free, but made it work at the new address when I couldn't), the guide has a .com address now. No more damn Geocities banner! The new address is www.cigarbbguide.com

Thanks again Rod!
You need to link this on your site somewhere. :thumbs:
Ha! Yeah, that'd fit right in AVB. Now that it's moved, I'm going to work on updating it