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The Cigar BB Newbie Guide

Wow, Thank you very much for this.

I am a total newb. Yes I have been soking for awhile, but I little about protcol on these boards and just want to have fun.

This was very helpful and I really thank you for taking the time to help people like me.

New to the site (and relatively new to enjoying cigars) and te newbie site is really helpful.

In my journey through the cigar boards, I've seen a lot of advice given to newbies on the proper way to conduct themselves on a cigar message board. Unfortunately, this advice is usually given after the newbie makes a mistake. There's nothing wrong with newbie mistakes, we've all made them, but they're largely due to lack of education on how these places work. So I figured I'd put all this advice in one place, so I give you this:

The Cigar BB Newbie Guide

Now, I'm an idiot when it comes to building websites, so it's nothing special. It's mainly meant to be informative. I hope this helps.

Also, HUGE thanks to Fast4Dr for getting the dang thing to work when I couldn't. :thumbs:

Thank you so much! This was the most informative info I have read yet. Wished I saw it sooner. Love the asshattery section!
Fantastic! Should damn near be required reading before any posting happens from us newbs.
Here is a bump for all the Jan/Feb/Mar, new CPers!
Thanks, as a Newbie this is good information. Hope to avoid too many mistakes.
Great info for us newbies. Question though were did the list of abbreviations get moved to. I have tried both search engines and cannot find anything?
Great info. This site rocks everywhere i turn someone is trying to pass on their knowedge of the leaf to others. Thanks for you help.
Great reading! Not new to forums but new to cigar forums. Always nice to see someone take the time to help out the children, ok new guys, so hopefully they don't screw up. Then again, new guys are like horses, you can lead them to water but.... :sign:
Oh man......thank you for this. I was wondering what the heck the Cigar Passes were exactly. Now I understand.

Pretty cool concept.
Now I get it...I think. I mean, no I don't. I can't get it this soon. If I get it to soon I won't get it right, right? Am I getting it? I'm just having fun with it.
I think you did an excellent job explaining things. Very helpful to a new guy like myself.
In a nutshell, respect, understanding, consideration, modesty and patience go along way in all areas of life.

My dad is a perfect example of the "New Sherriff in Town newbie syndrome. I'll share a quick funny story with you about my dad.
He joined Puff.com about a month ago. Before introducing himself to the puff members daddyo jumped right in and posted a thread titled,
“What's The Best Way To Season A Humidor.” He had just purchased a new humi.

After 15 minutes of getting no responses to his question he posted the following message.
"I can’t believe no one can answer my question. I thought this was a place where people knew a lot about cigars. I guess I'll have to go somewhere else where the members DO know something about cigars."
Then he quickly received some responses. The first response said, "A little salt, pepper and don't forget the gaaarlic."
The second response said, "Some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) works nice too."
I don’t have to tell you what the rest of them said. Eventually the moderator stepped in and removed the thread because some of the members were responding in ways that the moderator disapproved. It got ugly.

Needless to say my dad was smoldering mad. I told him to lighten up and then I explained to him how these things work. I’m just now starting to see the top of his head from the bottom of the whole of which he I still digging his way out. Don’t ask me how but believe it or not he is still a Puff member.

All that commotion with my dad on Puff convinced me that I should look for a different group to join because I was branded by my last name. Then I found Cigarpass. Humble goes a looong way.
Thanks for taking the time to put it together man.