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The Cigar BB Newbie Guide


Just livin' the dream
Thanks for all the nice words. I'm still working on an update, but it will probably be a while with the new baby an all.

Also, be sure to thank Rod as well. He hosts the site for free. Without him, you'd be seeing a bunch of geocities ads.


New Member
Wow, great info for a true newbie like me. I am smoking my second cigar ever as I type. I feel lucky I found CP with people like you, Rod and others willing to share your knowledge. Thank you.


Built for comfort
First off, congrats on the new arrival. Secondly, thanks for the website, I read it and really found out a lot of stuff without posting stupid, repetitive questions here. Thanks for the effort and hard work.


Good information. Glad I read it before I asked what BOTL meant. Now I can add new words to my spellchecker.
Thank you this is my first board. Now i have a new personal montra that ill live up to from now on (I will not be a post whore,I will not be a post whore) my bad


Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer
Outstanding information. I was wondering about the acronyms that you guys use and there it was. Thanks for taking the time to put this information together. It was VERY informative.


Professional Poker Tournament Loser
I'll admit, I should have read this first. But I have a tendency to just "jump in" when I do anything and then backtrack to the "instructions" as they may be. At any rate, great info, thanks!


Just livin' the dream
I have enlisted the help of mysterea in order to completely overhaul the site. My goal is to make it not look like it was designed by a 5-year-old anymore. If anyone has any suggestions for issues that need to be addressed by the website, feel free to post them or shoot me a PM.


MI 1

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Just finished reading the site. Nice work that took some effort, it helped clear up a few things I was wondering about regard passes and trades. If you need any help with site let me know, I've done our corporate site as well as our e-commerce sites. Be glad to help.


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Eshaw - As a CP Nebie, thanks for the info. It helped clear a few things up and was presented in a streamlined fashion. As an IT guy, the website wasn't bad either!..