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The Pass with Class

And the winner is... :)



Please PM your address and I will ship it out on Thursday, thank you.

OMG!!! I'm completely speechless. Again, thank you! PM coming.
Congratulations, Sam - !! Enjoy those fantastic smokes....easy to assume you will....!!... :cool:

Best Regards - B.B.S.
The package arrived today.....I now need a change of underwear.

Deciding on my P&Ts now! :thumbs:
Some cigar porn for those who weren't in the pass

P&Ts that have been okayed by Matt R:

30. Don Carlos, Edicion de Anniversario, Double Robusto
33. God of Fire Robusto 2005
60. Cohiba Double Corona EL 2003
23. Tatuaje Churchill
50. Cohiba Siglo V 1999

88. La Gloria Cubana Serie R Limitada 2005 natural
89. CAO SSP Palms 2004
90. Partagas 150 "B"
91. Padron 1926 Serie 40th Anniversary natural
92. Padron 1926 Serie #35 maduro
93. WOAM 2003
94. Opus X Power Ranger 2005
95. H. Upmann Petit Corona 2004
96. Anjeo #49 2004

Will go out tomorrow morning if nobody has objections. Thanks to all who were in this pass and especially to Matt R for letting a young guy like me participate! :thumbs:
Nicely done Zach.

Man, I can't believe this one's done. I'm already beginning to experience the first stages of Post Partagas Depression. :D
It's not over 'til it's over, either... ;) As soon as I have it back in my hands, we'll commence with the next part of this experience. All CPer's will be able to participate in the next part.