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^THIS IS FULL^ I need 15 people to sign up for $10 March Madness Sweet 16 pool


one day older than dirt
Jan 7, 2001
So here is how this will work. At the point there are 16 teams left in the NCAAMBB tournament. There will be a random draw of the teams. Each game (8) will be played using an official point spread. How this works is... the team that wins has to cover the spread. For instance... todays game Virginia Tech +5.5 vs Cincinnati -5.5 (all spreads will go to the half point favoring the underdog if it's even). Using this game for comparison it's not actual. Let's Say the final score is Cincy 80 and VT 70 ... Cincy would cover by more than the 5.5 and that person with Cincy moves on with them to the next round... Elite 8 after that round it's the final 4 and then the championship game. However if VT wins out right they move on.... NOW....this is where the fun is.... say the score is Cincy 80 and VT 77, you add the 5.5 to VT and now VT wins and the person that has VT now takes Cincinnati from the person who had them and continues on with them as there new team and the original Cincinnati owner is now out because the favorite didn't cover the spread. This applies to each game as the brackets continues to the final Championship game where there is ultimately a winner. That person wins the jack pot that will be $160 )everyone's $10 entry. Again everyone will be given a team by random drawing... so it's actually a luck thing, no sports skill involved. Just using sports to create the contest and follow along for the fun and maybe be a winner.
The sweet 16 starts 3/23 ... so if anyone is interested, reply and after we get 16 including me... we can try this out. Cost to enter will be $10

Reply if interested or with any questions. NEED 15 people with $10. GO!

ETA: Players signed up
1 @2K6TBSS
2 @TexasTraveler
3 @CigarStone
4 @CgarDan
5 @Pugman1943
6 @drunkfish3
7 @jacot23
8 @thinde
9 @CBoukal
10 MailmanMatt
11 JesseMarq
12 @StatHaldol
13 @StatHaldol- Christina
14 @cabaiguan juan
15 LemonManStew
16 @cohibasurfer
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What the hell! I donate cigars, why not money?

It's a cheep n easy way to show people how it works. Next year we can change it to $40 fivers. Plus what mid entry level gambler doesn't want a 1 in 16 chance to win $150 for$10.
You are going to love this Jeff.... Unless of course you draw a good team that doesn't cover the spread and somebody steals it and wins the pot with them. LOL.
For those that don't follow March Madness. Half way through the tournament there will be only 16 teams of the 64 that started remaining. That's where we start our contest. Which means there will be 8 games. Out of those 8 teams remain when they win... then those 4 games leaves 4 winning teams, then 2 games are played and ultimately 2 teams left to play for the Championship. Each leg as a participant you can steal a team that does not cover. It's possible that the actual winning team could change owners up to 4 times. Again this has more to do with luck than how much you know about college basketball.
Sounds like fun to me and it's been a while since I've participated in much here. I'm in if y'all will have me.
We are half way there. Go check the console in the car... flip the couch cushions, ask the kids/grandkids if they need their room cleaned for $10. Get in this.
Think how much fun it would be to have a big under dog against Jeff @CigarStone and he has a big favorite that is going all the way... but you get to steal it from him and take them to the prize of MONEY because of the point spread!!! Do you really want to miss that? I know $10 bucks is a couple gallons of gas.... but the chance to pull off that upset should be worth walking to the store or riding your bike to work. I dreamt up this scheme just so it's a possibility. Of course... the yeng of that is... he takes my team and I'm left sitting in the bleachers as he collects the moolah. ;-)