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Thought’s Dad Joke Thread

They are finally realizing that the recent “personnel decisions” are weakening the military. 😐
I mean:

-Can't promote.
-Can't get a pay raise during your contracted four years.
-"Probably" won't deploy.
-"Might" have to relocate.

This makes me want to jump at it! You are only there for four years before getting sent back out to pasture, so don't even think about getting sent to any schools or courses that you can actually use on a resume. You are basically going to be akin to the ANG backfilling at home station while the AD folks are deployed.

Yeah, this really is a joke.
An Ornithologist went to to South America in search of the incredibly rare Fuu bird. He searched for months to no avail, finally he spotted the extremely rare bird and as it soared over his head it poop right on him. He scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and could not get the bird poop off of him.

The moral of the story is "If the Fuu shits, wear it."
After Covid, my local Parks & Rec added a few more leagues to their lineup in an attempt to get more adults out and active. I saw that they were starting an adult Hide-and-seek league. I signed up to be a captain and started putting a team together, but after some time I decided to give up because the good players were too hard to find.