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Today’s Smoke 2019

Yesterday, while doing some way overdue picking up of dog poops. (It has been frozen most weekends until recently).
I believe @tone-ny sent me this. Thank you. A much enjoyed floral, spice, and bready bomb. It was very very good. It did not suck.

My first Sancho Panza. Like when I tried Rafael Marquez for the first time. These non major marcas are pretty damn good. I think I’d take them aged over a Cohiba most days.

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I have discovered it was Golfgar (Lawrence N) who sent this. Ive started trying to better record this.

thanks @golfgar!
This morning a young but tasty #5 Tat

These were recent, well-aged and one was from CigSid and new to me. What was it,Bill? Whatever it was I enjoyed it and thank you, kindly.

My guess is RyJ but it's a wild guess.
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