Today’s Smoke 2019


Where did all my money go?
Very nice!!!

Glad to see you enjoying these :)
Anyone from my time period ever end up with a pencil tip at the opening of their mouth during their school days? It wasn’t something that I remember thinking “this taste great”, but I didnt remember minding it at all. That earthy, semi metallic, mild peppery taste. That’s not the first time I have gotten those flavors from smoking these old cigars. I enjoy it, and could still taste it long after my spaghetti dinner last night, which I ate post cigar.


Love this place...
Well, I couldn’t wait! 1970’s Partagas Habanero!These had three days in the humidor. This was a great cigar with great flavors. It had lots of wood, sweet pepper,coffee flavors that were extremely balanced. The draw was amazing!

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Very nice! I love seeing brothers (and sisters... Bri) smoking the old cuban tobacco, it is so different than anything available today...