Today's Smoke 2020


I smoke therefore I am!
2016 Juan Lopez Selecion Superba Gran Bretana. This was gifted to me but I forgot to write down who was the culprit. J. Fields? Thank you greatly to whomever it was. An extremely mellow cigar with no hints of harshness. Did pick up and had some bite to it mid cigar.IMG_20200531_190626.jpg


El Cañón de Latón
2-3 years out, these are much much smootherView attachment 31440
Bradley, in an interview with Cigar Dojo at IPCPR last year, Dion said 3-8 years were the sweet spot. Sounds like you're dead on here!

Tonight is an old standby, the ~2~. These seemed to fall off to my taste a few years ago, but these recently produced sticks are banging. Disregard the wonky burn--I cut the dryboxing a little short because I was really craving this cigar today.