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Today's Smoke 2023


One Leg Of Fury.
Apr 29, 2011
My computer says it's about 1500 on 31 January 2022. My body has no idea what day or time it is after traveling home from Hawaii, getting in yesterday after ridiculous delays in Detroit (so it goes...). The weather is so rainy and windy that almost all official fireworks shows for tonight have been cancelled across the Netherlands. I'm posting this now, because I can't guarantee I won't be in a jet lag coma come midnight. I'll amend with photo later, but if I do get to have a cigar tonight, it will be my first, and only, Bishop's Blend -- courtesy of @PaulTra. I try to make my NYE cigars important memories, given as gifts by those who mean the most to me. For those that know me well, you understand how important of a memory getting to actually smoke a cigar tonight will really be. I decided long ago that if it happens, I wanted it to be from Paul, who has been one of my best friends for 20 years or so. As every year at this time, I'm reflecting on the past three-sixty-five; a year that certainly did not play out the way I could have ever foreseen it. However, as always, I'm grateful for what I do have and will always find the GOOD. I have my CigarP Ass family to thank for so much of that. Thank you all for everything, and I hope you all enjoy a healthy and prosperous 2023!
Fuente Rare Pink 1960 Happy Ending

Well, several firsts here, but FIRST, Happy New Year to my friends here on CP! The Fuente Rare Pink is a first with thanks to @wingman1974 for his gift. The second goes to my local BOTL, Guy, 72 years old and Irish. He came into the shop yesterday with the Bushmills and promptly offered a dram, then watched. 1608 is not bashful booze, but I would like to add while the 1st and 2nd thirds of my palate exploded in spice, the back end disappeared as if invisible. Amazing. The second photo is simply a photo op thanks to my wife's decorative dish towel. So many ways to say a not so bad word with good taste.

I hope each of you enjoy this first day of the new year in a manner befitting your desires. Cheers and happy smoking.