What’s in your pipe today? 2019


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Stupid question time: Is pipe tobacco better aged? Or is it the same merit as that of CC and NC cigars?

Edit: I thoroughly enjoy seeing these smoking pipes
The answer to that isn't really black and white...and it isn't a stupid question at all.

As much as anything it’s personal preference but there are blends that benefit more from aging or cellaring much like a cigar would. Most aromatic blends (in general) do not change much with age...though it can depend on the method (Casing or topping).

Non-aromatic blends can change much like a well aged cigar can. The different types of leaf can either mellow out and/or marry over time creating a much different experience than a "new" blend.


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Good evening from Greece, i am smoking Clan Aromatic in a Brebbia while drinking Kahlúa. I am not watching the "Eurovision" song contest because has nothing to do with real European countries and it's not vision but corruption and politics.


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Good morning from Greece, bad night yesterday and now clouds in the Athens sky so my mood isn't good, we have 71 °F and no rain.

Gawith Hoggarth Century Black Spice.