What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)


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As @jfields said above, we both drank a bottle of Abraxas, Friday night and it was great. Mine was a little colder than Johns, but as it warmed, it really opened up.

Lots of cinnamon, chocolate in the middle and peppers on the finish. The peppers reminded me of BOMB!. With most dark/oil like stouts, I expected it to have some pretty serious lacing on the glass, but it was minimal. Nose was like someone took cinnamon and dumped it into the glass. Great beer, now I want to try the BA version.

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5F30D483-C72C-4FB0-8388-F1C96CCE5F4E.jpeg Boulder Beer Co. Bump n Rind Watermelon Kolsch. Interesting. It circles the mouth with a hoppy, then acidic watermelon, then hoppy, then watermelon. Nice.


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Deciduous Brewing Co. Flash. A really nice dry tart Berliner Weiss with raspberry and blackberry. Was perfect for grilling and sitting outside in the 89 degree weather.