What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)


Where did all my money go?
John, I hope the beers I sent you aren't too far a departure for you as most of them tended to be in the WC vein. I think I sent a bottle of El Segundo Hop Tanker? Be careful with that one. If I remember correctly El Segundo brewed that one to compete with the likes of Pliny the Younger, so it might have some serious "oomph" to it.
I saw that bomber and thought it looked like “now that’s a bad day at work beer!” I do like beer with an oomph though. Like anything else, I get in the mood for different things at different times. Not sure how I became so addicted to NEIPA’s, or Milkshake IPA’s as my WC friends call them. I’m guessing my taste will change at some point again though.