What's on your plate today?

You have not had the "right" ones... When they are fresh from the ocean an hour before they are on your plate, there is nothing better on this planet... Except for the mussels that were steamed perfectly and so fresh and buttery..... mmmmmmm
I was watching an Anthony Bourdain episode from Normandy where they took a boat out to a North Atlantic oyster farm, pulled some reknowned delicacy oyster species up from the icy waters, and ate them on the spot.

And now I have a new bucket list item. :D

I didn't take a pic cuz I was hungry but it started with a package of THIS:


I've been doing a lot of bone broth-based dinners lately, both for health & weight loss. A friend recommended this company, and they had THIS stuff, at a rather outrageous price, all things considered. So I bought three! :rolleyes:

Anyway, cooked the first one up with pho spices & Baby Bella mushrooms & it was amazing. Really high quality, very pure, unmessed with bone broth. Great flavor. At $14 a pint it's a splurge, but it's a GOOD splurge.