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Who needs a Hobo hut?


Whiskey is the flower of my people.
Aug 16, 2020
I want to see every member of CP in the frigid cold smoking happy this winter.

Here is how it works, Submit a picture to this thread of yourself freezen your arse off smoking outside. The individual who has the most miserable picture of the coldest time of the year wins a Hobo hut!

It will ship within the month to your door and you have to post one pic of it in use.

If for some reason you don't have a bunch of smoking in a snow storm pics like @H. Vachon just post one of your cold predicament and tell us a story.

On October 15th the pic with the most :( wins!

Please be a member in good standing and a resident of the united states. (sorry Canadians)

put it IN your garage...🤔

I'll probably take a pic just to get my hat in the ring, I wouldn't mind having a Hobo Hut!

Edit: Man, it ain't even going to be cold enough for the trees to drop their leaves by Oct 15. Record low around here for October 15 is 28F, average low is 48F
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Don't want to enter the contest, I've landed on being perfectly happy letting my cigars age/compile during the winter, but I think I have a gem somewhere...
I don't need the hobo hut because I have a man cave, but this was an interesting weekend. The first night was balls cold with nothing but a fire and a tarp over our head which held the smoke in for us to choke and gag on all night. The second day, @jfields John built this fireplace out of the neighbors tin shed. It was a huge improvement!

Jim @Keystone_Raider and I were amused!
2009 Winter  Cabin HERF 033.jpg

Note the OSB under our feet, the fire melted the frozen ground and turned the area into a mud pit.😁
2009 Winter  Cabin HERF 043.jpg

Of course I had to spruce it up a bit.
Mantle 2.JPG