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Token Cuban Guy
OK Guys, let's see if this works. Here is a spot for your Wish Lists.
Please DO NOT write comments on this thread.
Use the Wish List Comments thread for that.

So I don't take up another post, here's my wish list:

Seeing as how my previous wish list has been fulfiilled I am going to relist some of my older wishes. I wanted to try some of the "other" Habanos I've never tried.

1. Vegueros
2. Por Larranaga
3. SLR PC - I've heard a lot about them, but never had.

As for my dream wish list:
1. Bolivar Gold Medal (I know, I know. Hey, I'd be interested in just knowing where to buy one. Probably couldn't afford it, but what the hey.)
2. I want to be taller and skinnier.
Between the Lines

Cohiba Robusto
Trinidad Fundadores
Trinidad Robusto Extra
RyJ Cedros
Partagas #2 LE
SLR Regios
HdM Epicure #2

Many thanks to those who have fulfilled my wishes!


Padron Anniversary 1926
Partagas 150 Don Ramon
CAO Millenium
La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve® Champagne
Perdomo EDICION de SILVIO® ‘Torpedo’
Davidoff Double "R"
Arturo Fuente Añejo No. 55
Arturo Fuente Work of Art Maduro
Arturo Fuente Untold Story Maduro
Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines
Arturo Fuente Opus X xXx
Ashton Cabinet Selection
AVO 75
Montecristo Kilimanjaro

Any Edicion Limitada Cigars
Cuaba Salmon
Punch Punch
H.Upmann Sir Winston
Bolivar Belicosos Fino
Cohiba Robusto
Vegas Robaina Unicos


A Freudian Slip in progress
K. Hanisota 101s - silver band
PAM 40th anni
COOL FUENTE'S [BTL, AF 13, maduro opus', etc...]
Perdomo Edicion de Silvio (long shot, but Moki said we all should put it down :D )

Cohiba -Piramide
HdM - any from the "Le Hoyo series"
Montecristo - "A"
Romeo y Julieta - any from the "Cedros Deluxe Series"
San Cristobal de la Habana - el principe
Trinidad - Fundadores '98s

Less Likely:
Dunhill's - Mojito, Estupendo
Cohiba 35th
Siboney - Especiales

Thanks to the guys on CP and CW who have helped me out!



Proud Padron slut!!
My wish list is as follows:


Vegas Robaina Familiar
Vegas Robaina Unicos
Cohiba Robusto
Monte #2 (Thanks Fast4dr and Toaster!)
R y J cedros #3 (Thanks Toaster!)
R y J churchill en tubos


Zino Platinum Crown Series Chubby Especial
Padron 1926 #1 maduro
Padron Millenium (Thanks moki!)
Davidoff Millenium Blend (Thanks Robbmt!)
Drew Estate Natural Medusa
Oliva Master Blends (any size) (Thanks Ricmac!)
Montecristo Afrique (any size, lg ring gauge) (Thanks Robbmt!)
My ISOM wishlist would look like this:


Cohiba Sublime
Cohiba Reserva
Montecristo A
Cohiba DC EL

Ridiculous List

Dunhill Estupendo
Davidoff - Dom Perignon

Thank you TripleD, Gator, Moki, and JoeInvest!!! Your generosity is what makes this board so awesome!

CAO Millenium
VSG Estate Reserve
Perdomo de Silva

Monte A
MO's House Blend

All of these above I have yet to try.

Anything in Devin's Humidor
Anything that would make me say wow(see the above line!)

Probably others but I am drawing a blank.


Slighlty edited.
Here is my current wishlist: Like the truth...it's subject to revision!

Cohiba ISOM
Monte #2 ISOM
DC Maximus
40th Anni

You guys are freaking awesome!!! You know who you are!! :D :thumbs:


I am not here :^)
The generosity of the guys on this board is overwhelming. But I can not PIF so I do not wish for any gars. What I want to wish for, is the goods to fulfill a few other's wishes. And that will come, yes it will! :thumbs:

:love: You guys, truly
Here's my wish list

AF Anejo (got it ) Thank you Lumberg
Diamond Crown (got it)
Davidoff (Got it )
Dunhill (Got it )
Graycliffe (Got it)Thanks to there Rep.
Padron Millenium

H. Upmann Sir Winston
Trinidad (Got it) Novasurf from CigarWise
HDM Piramide EL ( got it )
Any Davidoff
Cohiba DC EL (got it)Thanks to JD.
Salomones (got it)
Cohiba Piramide EL ( got it)
Montecristo "C" ( got it)
Cohiba Sublime ( got it )


~ Amateur Cigar Smoker ~
Ok, Heres the list:

Partagas Limted Reserve
La Unica Camaroon
AF Cuban Belicoso
Torano Reserva Selecta
Zino Anything
Cohiba Anything


Corresponding authority
Dunhill Estupendos
Dunhill Havana Club
Davidoff Dom Perignon
Edicion Limitada Cohiba Double Coronas DONE - Thanks Phil
Punch Double Coronas DONE - I pulled one out of a pass
Quai d'Orsay Imperiales
San Cristobal El Morro DONE - :sign:

Matt R

That's #1 Member to you. :)
Cohiba DC EL taken care of by Phil
Monte C EL taken care of thanks to SMOKOZUNA
Trinidad Coloniales taken care of thanks to emo