Strength: Medium
Shape: Robusto
Size: 5 x 50
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper Color: Natural
Wrapper Origin: African
Wrapper Leaf: Cameroon

Tell ya what. My next vacation is going to be a staycation for sure. Went to Myrtle Beach last week with my daughter Jess, and by time we got back I was wiped out! So was she…lol! We did have a blast, but it was good to finally be home let me tell ya. Got unpacked, her back to her mom, and started cleaning up around the house/yard. And of course, back to work Monday.

Now that things are getting back to “normal”, which nothing around here is ever that anymore, but as close as it does get, time for a review! First let me send a thanks to Rod for hooking me up with Cory over at Famous Smoke Shop who has graciously asked me to review some cigar samples, one of which is the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto.

This is a perfect size cigar with medium to dark brown wrapper with small veins running throughout. Running the cigar under my nose I get a somewhat sweet tobacco smell that is really good, and even stronger in the foot. Smells like chocolate Doc! Ha! J/K! I cut a bit more off the head than I mean to (no cutter, having to use a razor blade…lol!), take a few cold draws, and the taste is again somewhat sweet tasting on the lips, just good tobacco flavor. It has a perfect draw, even after cutting so much off. The smoke coming up while toasting the foot is smelling oh so good, and I am really looking forward to trying it.

I take a few puffs to make sure there’s a good burn going, and then take a good draw. The smoke is plentiful coming through the excellent draw, and as the smoke escapes slowly I find the flavor is absolutely delicious on the palate. My first impression is a dark, rich leather with prominent notes of wood, and vanilla bean. There’s also a sweet baked bread in the finish, which is actually somewhat short. It has a medium to full strength and body, which is perfect for my palate.

I continue on and find the burn is excellent, straight as can be with a ton of smoke produced through the perfect draw. Thoroughly enjoying this excellent smoke I must say! Flavors are consistent, just downright straightforward, good tobacco that’s hitting spot on. The smoke has a light to medium mouth feel to it, feels smooth over the palate.

I spy a dragonfly sitting on my citronella bush, pretty cool blue/green colors. Hopefully it’s eating mosquitoes that are buzzing around. They’re not too bad though with the nice breeze blowing. Mighty relaxing out under the gazebo this evening.

As I take a couple puffs about a third in, the ash falls off on its own showing very little coning. I’m thinking this is some fairly well aged tobacco, certainly tastes of it. I go and pour a glass of Larceny, one ice cube in since it’s a bit on the warm side out, and have to say it’s pairing quite nicely with the Don Carlos.

As I head through the halfway mark, the strength is kicking up a notch to full, which is fine with me as that’s what I like. Flavors are still that of a strong, worn leather and dark wood with just a hint of the sweet, baked bread there. There’s a good bit of black pepper in the nostrils as I let some of the smoke escape through my nose, but not too bad.

I got through the halfway mark heading towards the last inch or so, and had to put’r down as it started getting a bit too hot and the flavors somewhat on the bitter side. Got a crack in the wrapper as well, which looked to be from a bit too much humidity. I will say though, that this was an excellent smoke from the start with rich wood flavors, leather, sweet bread and smooth, full-bodied smoke. Again, thanks to Rod and Cory Grover over at Famous Smoke Shop for the opportunity to smoke this cigar. Go grab some up at Famous Smoke Shop here