The Commercial 5000 Humidor is an excellent cabinet style humidor for anyone needing extra storage.  The number of cigars in my “collection” continues to grow, and after having filled a 3,000 count tower and 5 coolers, I decided it was time to rid myself of the bulky (yet very reliable) coolidors.

I purchased the QI Antique Tower several  years ago, and have been extremely happy with the overal design, build quality, durability and craftsmanship.  It has proven to be a solid cigar cabinet, so the decision to go with a larger cabinet by QI was an easy one for me.  I opted for their largest model; the Commercial 5,000.  This is a decorative commercial humidor cabinet which can be used in either a commercial setting or home.

Commercial 5000 Facts

  • Built from walnut, featuring an antique distressed finish.
  • Two swinging tempered glass doors on top, and also two swinging raised wood panel doors at the base.
  • Humidor features many accents throughout exterior.
  • Holds up to 5,000 cigars or 250 boxes.
  • Glass doors are tempered.
  • Adjustable European hinges on all doors.
  • Crown and dental molding on top.
  • Fluted molding on sides.
  • Interior rope lighting – looks great at night.
  • 4 adjustable Spanish cedar shelves (easy to move up or down).
  • 1 Spanish Cedar bundle bin; holds your individual cigars.  Bin is also height adjustable.
  • Comes with corner caster-type wheels.  I did not install these, and will explain why later.
  • Shelves and bins are slotted, allowing for air and humidity to circulate.
  • Interior completely lined with Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar.
  • Gold plated lock and key sets.
  • Brass pull knobs on all doors.
  • 2 interior A/C outlets (used for plugging in your humidification unit).

Width: 4 feet wide
Length: 20 inches
Height: 6 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 300 lbs
Manufacturer: Quality Importers (Purchase the Commercial 5000 from GRP)

The Commercial 5000 came securely packaged in a large box, attached to a palate.  FedEX dropped the palate/humidor off on my front porch, where I unpackaged it.  The unit is wrapped in molded-foam, and came from FL to CA in excellent condition.  After unpacking the unit, I had a friend help me lift it off of the palate and onto the floor.  I was dreading this part, as I thought it would be more difficult.  Luckily, I have hardwood floors, so moving it around the house was much easier than I imagined!  I was quite pleased to see the packaging job; very well done.  After initial inspection, the humidor was in perfect condition; no scratches, dents, damage, etc.  I moved the humidor into place, and began installing the shelves.

Having used the Avallo Accumonitor in my Quality Importers Antique Tower, I couldn’t be more pleased with its performance over the years.  Naturally, the choice was easy; I went with the Avallo Accumonitor for this cabinet as well.  After installing the Accumumonitor, I let the humidor sit empty for about 3 weeks.  Even thought RH was stable after 3 days, I wanted to be absolutely sure that the humidor was fully seasoned.  The last thing you want to do is introduce cigars into an un-seasoned humidor.  That will cause nothing but long-term problems.  I probably seasoned it longer than need-be, however better safe than sorry…

The Commercial 5000 came with castor wheels which I have not installed for two reasons…  One: I don’t plan on wheeling the cabinet around my house.  Two: I live in Southern California, which is earthquake country.  The last thing I need are my cigars roaming around the house during a trembler.  The humidor is in place, and I don’t plan on moving it often.

After a few weeks I began emptying my coolidors and filling up the humidor.  There is so much room in this cabinet, it makes organizing the cigars a pleasure.  The bottom 1/3 of the humidor features a cabinet, where I have placed all of my unopened boxes as well as cigars I plan on aging.   The rest of the humidor is filled with opened boxes, and cigars that are ready to be smoked.  The cigar bin has been extremely useful…  There are 9 sections, which I have placed bundles, singles, etc…

I have been using this humidor for about 3 months now, and I couldn’t be more happy with it.  Quality Importers has yet again designed and built one of the best cabinet humidors around.  While this isn’t a custom piece, it certainly does the job better than expected, and is a decorative piece of furniture which looks great in my family room.  The humidor seals and holds humidity very well.  No matter which humidification device you decide to go with, you’ll have plenty of room to set it up correctly.  The humidor looks very good at night with the interior light turned on.  Definitely adds that extra touch of class.

The craftsmanship of this cabinet is amazing, and I highly recommend it.  At around $2200.00, you really can’t beat all that you get.  An equivalent custom humidor of this size and detail will easily run you around $4,000 or more. At $2200.00, this is a steal!

Pictures of the Cabinet