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It seems everywhere you look these days, there’s someone vaping. With so many restrictions against tobacco, vaping has become such a common activity amongst smokers (and even non-smokers). I recently received an email from a company called Vapor 4 Life, asking me if I’d review their new electronic cigar. I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. I mean, how can you even come close to a real tobacco cigar by means of “vapor”? After some thought, I accepted the offer, and have to admit I’m glad I did!

The E-Cigar King cigar was developed by a cigar connoisseur who had to limit his consumption of cigars due to health reasons. He didn’t want to give up the hobby, so he turned to vapor technology to create an alternative.

The kit comes in a beautiful, well designed box. The overall presentation is top-notch, and when you open the box, you know you’re getting a product which the owner/creator has taken pride in. This is certainly not a cheap Chinese vaping kit. Each part is carefully packed individually.

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 e-Cigar King Battery (this is the biggest part of the device)
  • 1 USB Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 USB Car Adapter
  • 3 prefilled e-cigar King Cartomizers (Ligero, Maduro, Cubana Blend)
e-Cigar King Vapor 4 Life

e-Cigar King Vapor 4 Life

I proceeded to unpack the invidual peices, and had the cigar put together in less than a minute. I opted for the Maduro flavor cartomizer. If you aren’t familar with what a cartomizer is, it’s the piece of the unit which contains the vapor liquid (the stuff that you taste). The cigar feels heavy in hand, and is certainly quality made. The biggest part of the unit is the battery, which screws onto the cartomizer. It’s very easy to switch cartomizers…

After carefully inspecting the device, it was time to give it a try! There are no on/off buttons, nothing to light, etc. The device is automatically activated as your puff.

Smoking the Vapor4Life ecigar King

I proceeded to take a few quick puffs, to which I heard the sizzling/crackling sound of the cartomizer liquid being heated and vapor generated. As I puffed on the e-cigar, I could immediately feel the rich dense vapor in my mouth. It actually was very close in relation to how real cigar smoke feels. As I slowly blew the vapor out, I couldn’t help but notice how thick it was, and how it actually lingered in the air around me for quite some time. Generally, vapor dissipates almost immediately as it exits your mouth, so this was a nice surprise.

The more I smoked this, the more I was impressed by how authentic it “smokes”.  If you’ve ever had a spicy/peppery cigar, that’s what this tastes like! I was imagining this would taste like mild tobacco, however it really does taste like the real deal. Aside from the peppery-ness this cigar exhibits, it was a bit on the sweet side. As I took a few more puffs, the experience was spot on — the vapor was lingering around the air (and you could smell it too), the vapor had a nice full thick feel, just like real cigar smoke, and the aftertaste was reminiscent of a good quality spicy full bodied cigar!

This is by far the closest vapor product I’ve tried that comes so close to replicating a real cigar. If you have a health reason to cut back (or quit) cigars, then I would highly recommend checking this product out. Heck, with all of the smoking bans on tobacco, you might even want to grab one of these to puff on when you simply can’t light up a real cigar.

The drawbacks? Well, that’s really an individual opinion. For me, I enjoy fumbling through my humidor for 10 min trying to find the right cigar for the moment. I also enjoy the cutting and lighting process that comes from a real cigar, not to mention the overall smoking experience. Will this replace my humidors full of cigars? Nope, however it’s definitely a fun device to have, and especially for those moments when a real cigar can’t be enjoyed. If you think of this product like a small boutique cigar company which offers three blends, then I think you just might enjoy it!

The advantages:

  • You can smoke it virtually anywhere.
  • Convenient to smoke, no cutting/lighting, etc.
  • You won’t smell like a cigar after you smoke it.
  • It actually tastes like a real cigar!

I have yet to try the Ligero and the Cubana blends, however after trying the Maduro, I am very excited to try the other two blends. This company has really nailed it when it comes to the e-cigar business. I can’t say any other vaping product even comes close to simulating a real cigar. Again, the flavor, aftertaste, and overall smoking experience is spot on.

I think this is an excellent alternative to smoking a real cigar, especially if you have to limit your intake of tobacco rolled cigars. This is even a good option for those times you really want a cigar, but can’t because you’re at a location where smoking is prohibited. Will I clear out my humidor and fill the empty space with a bunch of cartomizers? Probably not, as I truly enjoy the overall satisfaction I get from good, real tobacco-rolled cigars. However, I will certainly “vap” with this device again.

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[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]The kit retails for $99.99, and can be purchased from the manufacturers website at http://www.vapor4life.com/store/e-cigar-king-starter-kit Use Coupon Code CIGARPASS for 25% off. Please note: the eCigar King will be re-branded under Zeus Royale in 2015.[/box]