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    Rain rain go away...

    Rain rain go away...
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    2005 La Gloria Cubana Series R Humidor w/Cigars

    The local cigar shop is going out of business. The taxes, laws and such got to them and they will be shutting down very soon. This shop has been around in one form or another for over 45 years. Sad to see it go, but I am hoping that a new improved shop will arise from the ashes. Yet another...
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    0 degrees outside today. Time to visit the club.

    0 degrees outside today. Time to visit the club.
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    Ron James' Take On Sarah Palin

    I know Palin personally and thought the routine was funny. Those who think she is a loon/dummy are buying into the media/talk show stuff. She has a pretty good head on her shoulders, but has a hard time expressing her views when put in a tight spot. It is not a lack of intelligence, but rather...
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    Planet Fitness- Anyone a member?

    I joined up 4 weeks ago and have been going 3 times a week. I have not seen too many teens at the gym I go to. The few that are there are with their mom or dad, so it is pretty tame. I took the classes offered by the staff trainer who helped me set up a routine with the weight machines and...
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    Question for you fitness types- Protein powder

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I agree that I am dropping too fast. That is why the protein powder was suggested to me as an added boost to my intake. The gym has a trainer who offers classes on the basics of forming a plan and he suggested eating some tuna each day and a protein powder with...
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    Question for you fitness types- Protein powder

    Been working out at the gym and watching what I eat. Was not sure I would like the gym, but am actually enjoying it and look forward to going. Have dropped 8 pounds in the last 14 days and I really do not feel like I am trying all that hard. Anyway, I have changed my eating habits to several...
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    Couple of guys I work with are part of a Hawaiian reggae band. Yep, you read that correctly....Hawaiian Reggae. Complete with the little guitar type things (forget what they are called) and everything. They play a couple times a month at a local blues bar. Lots of fun to listen to.
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    Embargo on Cuba extended

    Then why do we do business with China?
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    What's in your pipe today?

    Erinmore Flake in a no name bulldog pipe. Got a couple compliments from folks entering the building on the aroma.
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    Planet Fitness- Anyone a member?

    Thanks for the comments. I am mainly looking for cardio workouts that will get the heart rate up and burn calories over bulking up with the weights. I am a beginner so the lack of heavy weights does not worry my too much. If the place is a daycare like some have said, I will look elsewhere...
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    Planet Fitness- Anyone a member?

    Anyone here belong to Planet Fitness? Thinking of joining up to work off some of the flab this winter. A couple locations opened up here this summer and the price is very affordable at 20 bucks a month. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with them. Thanks.
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    will a cheap cutter....

    I have been using a punch almost exclusively for nearly a year. Only break out the Palio with pointed head cigars anymore.
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    Meers for sale

    Here is another: Asking $75 delivered in the USA.
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    Meers for sale

    The shop is clearing out some of the meers we have in stock. I will post some of them here as time permits. They are all solid block meer and come with cases. Made in Turkey. Owner bought them straight from the carver while there last year. This first one is $80 delivered in the USA. Will...