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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Just picked up some La Flor Air Benders Chisels
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    Awesome cigar collection.

    Thats amazing very nice!!
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    Opus X Scorpio Maduro from the CFCF 2010 box...

    Once again great review!!! :D
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    Love me long time

    I myself had have a couple of those but it takes time for them to be like that I find!
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    Forged Cashier Check

    WOW that sucks would hate to be on the bad end of that deal! :(
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    Lost Package

    The retailer should see that the package never was delivered and do whats right!! But on the other hand if it was insured got on the usps asap and file a claim!!
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    Cigar Aficionado's Top 10 List

    La Aroma Mi Amor is an awsome smoke. Loved it ever since it hit the streets!!!
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    Añejo and Opus X Reference

    Wow love all of that !!!!
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    My Cigar Collection - Happy Thanksgiving!

    WOW very nice :love:
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    Wow Casa is just taking advantage of people!! I bought 2 boxes a couple days ago!! at my local shop not at $30 a piece!!!!!!!!!!!! :whistling:
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Thank you!!! As beautiful as it is, it still hurts!!!!!
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    Opus X Black Orchid from the CFCF 2010 box...

    Very nice! you always have the best reviews!!
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    Monty's Iphone 4 Cigar pics

    Wow nice CLEAR pics!! Sweet
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Got a few things today!