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    How often do you smoke?

    2-8 a week. Depends on mood and what is going on.
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    Rocky Patel Website

    I agree the website is too slow. K, when are you sending those RP Edges?
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    C.A.O. Mx2

    I would have to agree with you about this cigar, though it is the only C.A.O. I like.
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    Favorite Gurkha?

    I have had only one, and that would be the double maduro and it was excellent.
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    Any Reviews

    Believe me I will be keeping everyone informed of my choice, and pictures after I recieve it.
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    What is your favorite season

    What is your favorite season of the year to enjoy cigars? Mine would be the fall/autumn. It has something to do with the cool crisp air and the smell of the leaf's on the ground.
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    Favorite Setting / Place to Smoke?

    Same here, back porch next to the creek.
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    Any Reviews

    Thanks for the pictures Swiss. Awsome looking collection.
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    A Couple Reviews

    Awsome review. Makes me wanna go outsideand light up a stick.
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    hand crafted cigar trays

    Dave's ashtrays are awsome looking.
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    Can't smoke in the shop anymore.

    I hope the Cache does something as well, but there building lay out probly wouldn't allow them to do the same thing Pete's does. I usually goto the Cache because thats where all my friends usto go. I guess if something dosn't change before the cold sets in I will have to start going to Pete's.
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    Any Reviews

    Hey Swissy do you think you cand send me some pics of your conni? I have a Rovolle 300ct that works perfect for my over flow.
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    Updated Pics of the Crop!

    Brian, That is very cool that you are growing your own crop. I could only imagine trying to grow the crop and trying to make my own cigars. That would be very interesting tihng to try.