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    Name that stogie

    Who knows what it is?
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    Any Difference to you guys? Tubos or Box

    I've heard this come up into conversation a few times now, a lot of people seem to enjoy tubo's more. It seems this is more of an relevant for longer storage periods. From the tubo's I've had I can't say I've noticed anything 'extra' but I also don't feel the quantity and age of the tubo's are...
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    Today's Smoke II

    Enjoying an aged (1989) Romeo y Julieta Belicosos :thumbs:
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    Interesting obsrvation about Padron 1926's

    This is possibly the video Doc speaks of.
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    Got me a proper humidor!

    Congrats, nice unit :) Great advise given here. Take your time, it pays off with most things in life.
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    Genena, Switzerland CC store recommendation

    Hey, I'd check out that big red writing at the top of the page, I get the feeling this applies to your buddy too. I'd try google :) Good luck,
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    Today's Smoke II

    +1, Hope you feel better soon, always enjoy your reviews. Today I enjoyed a very pleasant H. Upmann Petit Corona - Really nice mild CC, could have easily gone for another - if only I bought 2. :blush:
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    Today's Smoke II

    Today I decided to try my first Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto. It was fairly cloudy but surprisingly warm, the size of the Oliva seemed just about right just n case the weather decided to take a turn. The stick looked great, no vains, a very small repair job on it and quite a nice shape to it...
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    Handing in the Man Card

    The brakes too? I thought the issue was run away cars due to the accelerator jamming open...? Congrats on your new ride, a friend of mine has had one for a few years, he gives it some serious stick and has rolled up a ton of miles, he likes it and has had a trouble free experience.
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    How to get rid of annoying smells inside the humidor

    No, I dont recognise this from anything I pulled up earlier, however I had to fall back on cached pages as he was often banned, which made tracking him, and his threads a little clunky. Sorry Rich, this is not directed towards you at all. This is in reference to stphen the original poster.
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    How to get rid of annoying smells inside the humidor

    I just wanted to quickly add to this, not only is this exact post on 6 other forums that I'm aware of and I'm sure many more that I'm not familar with, this guy actually sells humidors! :whistling: And has quite the habit of posting questions copied straight from Just FYI. Feel...
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    Building A Cabinet Humidor

    I always enjoy watching the build steps, thanks for sharing that :) Congrats on a great Cabinet, to own such an item :love: - The recipient of this will be the envy of many.
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    Death in family

    My condolences to you and your family. Take care
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    I'm also enjoying the 2000 Natural's I have some packs left from Oct 08, but I'm not sure they'll see passed this summer. :whistling: I might try and grab some other x000's this year, it does look like the 2000's will be my first box purchase once I clear some space.
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    Humidor input and... HELP!

    Thats a good plan. I'm with Tray, I have a fairly cheap 'glass' top, although some seem to be troubled, mine is great, I find it extremely helpful as I can keep check on the RH without having to open it, just a quick peep into the window, so don't give up on her just yet! The hygrometers on...