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Recent content by gunsandcigars88

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    Shipping Cigars

    Good to know fellas, thanks. Will save my money toward the next order. B
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    Shipping Cigars

    Quick question. When certain retailers offer shipping options such as vacuum sealing or humidified shipping for transits that may take a bit... What are you choosing to do? Wondering what is the best bang for my buck here, but want sticks to arrive in good shape. Don't want to save money while...
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    Masters Sunday...

    Was at the inlaws and didn't have a stogie, but did get to watch some of the end. Enjoyed watching a young Texan accomplish such a feat. Very impressive.
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    Girl Gun Help

    I'd go with a Smith 642, that's what I have for my wife. B
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    35 Best BBQ Ribs

    The list is incomplete, because mine are not on it! I concur with you fellows on the sauce. I don't use any while smoking mine, or serve them with any. Have never had a sould ask for sauce with them either. My only exception is the rare occasion I decide to grill some ribs. I do baste them a...
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    Heard from my brother a few minutes ago. He received the fiver from Allan squaring that deal. Sounds as though he got a nice fiver too, nice to see you fix this Alan. B
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    Pm sent about 8:30, let's see what happens here. B
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    Well it comes to this, my brother paid for one of those fivers. He never received a fiver. He sent a Message to you. If you missed or lost it amongj the many messages following that debacle I have no clue. Following those actions he never received a fiver/refund/etc. All he had in the end was a...
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    In talking with him a moment ago he said he messaged you about it at that time Alan. Pm or Email i'm sure.
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    Why do some of you guys have a problem with me?

    Also everything didn't end square on the fivers. I was around a lot back then. I PM'd atuck about this, but I know not everyone received anything. I know of atleast one person that didn't ever receive any cigars or a refund. I believe I knew of one other, but no longer have contact with that...
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    What's in your pipe today? 2013

    Lately it has been... Astley's #109 flake Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls Wessex Brown flake Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark flake Fribourg and treyer vintage flake G.L. Pease Jacknife Plug G.L.Pease Gaslight Yes, I do prefer flake tobaccos mostly. Lol, it's about time to open some more Brigham...
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    Souldog sad news

    I know I'm practically never on here anymore but holy shit. Just saw someone link to this on facebook. Came here to see if it was really was him. Damn sure was hoping it wasn't that johnathan. Son of a bitch, RIP John, you touched many...
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    What happened?

    Hope you're health issues are going well Swissy. Just make the long haul and move on down here to Texas. We'll show you a proper welcome! B
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    What happened?

      The economy took a dump.   I guess I could understand that, i can't buy or smoke near what I used to. I just cut quantity way back, because i decided pretty fast that cutting quality was NOT the answer. Just hate to see things so affected here. Used to be so different around these parts. B  ...