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    Humidor drops to 60% - and stays there!

    Not sure where you are located but the rh will also change with the weather. As winter approaches, if you are in a cold snowy climate or leave the heat on all the time, it will be harder to maintain rh. On the other hand when summer hits it will start to climb too high. Good luck...don't over...
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    Bruichladdich Octomore

    You won't know if you like it or not until you try it. Personally I enjoy octomore.
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    Looking for Some Closed Foot Cigars

    Liga Privada Nasty Fritas
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    Noob questions on ageing.

    Just my 2 cents. When it comes to NC don't over think the aging since I don't believe they undergo a sick period. If you are really curious about the date some should have a date code stamped on the bottom on the box and in the case of Padron I want to say they have a small piece of paper of...
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    Louisville locations?

    Go across the river into Indiana. There is a shop in Jeffersonville with a lounge and bar. While in Louisville don't forget to check out the Angels Envy distillery.
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    Palio Cutter Group Buy

    Checking in to see if this is going forward...
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    Off-Brand Cubans

    Quai D'Orsay is a great cigar, but for value the Fonseca No1 has been pretty awesome when it has some time on it.
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    Are 70% HF beads really 65%?

    I would also make sure that the seal on the tupperdor is nice and tight.  Also where are you storing your tupperdor?  Temperature and ambient humidity can also change things.  
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    Substitute Torch?

    I have used and own a larger torch.  It works fine.  Just be careful not to light the whole thing on fire.
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    Tatuaje The Mummy

      I have not.  I looked for them when they came out, but there was just too much fuss.  So that's a good point.  I cannot compare to the Jason.     Personally I feel that the mummies were a much better stick than the Jason...imho
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    Do humidors expire?

    If I recall regards to viper's (heartfelt) beads, it is best to spray them.  If you soak them, they have a tendency to crack.  However, even cracked beads will still function correctly.  The only downside is that they will be a bit more messy.
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    Do humidors expire?

    If your humidor is holding proper %RH then why leave the whiskey glass in?  I would assume it will first take a bit of a hit when your cigars begin to absorb some of the moisture, but your beads should compensate.  Check periodically to make sure you beads are properly charged.  If it keeps...
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    Dryed Cigars

    Assuming your hygrometer is properly set, I don't think you will get much variance in a standard 150 count humidor.  If you are really worried you can rotate them periodically.
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    "Price Drop" Question...

    24 hours does seem a bit quick to have a price drop.  Drop him a pm and I am sure he will work with you.  Was the seller able to move a large quantity within those 24 hours (i.e. sold most of his stuff with just a few things remaining) or was it just you who purchased prior to the drop?
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    If my humidor is improperly seasoned, will it still hold RH?

    If all three hygrometers are calibrated and you are maintaining humidity, everything should be fine.  Are your beads holding up fine or do you feel they need to be recharged more often than usual?  The question would then fall onto your sticks.  How were they stored before? How long have they...