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    Chicago Area Monthly Meetup

    Are people still planning on doing this tonight?
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    LP9 and T52 deals

    PM for pricing.
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    Discounts on Lost City, GoF Ceramic Jars, Opus X

    PM for pricing. Also available: Illusione Singulare 2010 T52 Flying Pigs Dirty Rats LP 9s Padron 1964 Anniversary Tatuaje Boris and Dracs
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    Chicago Area Monthly Meetup

    Damnit. When is this next month?
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    This is closed.

    We do not disclose which store has sold them. All shipping labels, returns, and refunds are processed by Cigar Consignment. We stand behind the cigars we sell, regardless of which store has shipped them, and are the ones who handle any problems. If one should arise, we handle it with the...
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    This is closed.

    No worries ^ I have and will continue to abide.
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    New Company

    Thanks Alan!
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    Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout

    Still want some, let me know. I can get it still (as of today).
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    What beer did you drink today?

    One of my favs, DFH- Burton Baton Imperial IPA. Also, Anchor Holiday Release (ok, not amazing though).
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    This is closed.

    Maybe I am mistaken, and if so sorry Moki! I remember a valued poster here getting upset and deleting all his reviews and i think i remember Rod saying he was going to put them all back from his backups. That is irrelevant though, I just wanted apologize and say I won't do it again.
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    This is closed.

    I just wanted to apologize to the board for deleting the original post. I forgot this was a violation of the rules and I'm sorry. I remeber the issue with Moki and just forgot. Again, I apologize and in the future I either won't delete it or will just say PM/Call for pricing.
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    This is closed.

    Tell your B&M to contact me :)