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    Back after a long absence ... how you all doing?

    Back after a long absence ... how you all doing?
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    NorCal HERF, Dinner and Wine Tour III

    Hey Hey ... Look who it is! Long lost, fell off the map here at CP. Good reasons tho and will share if asked in PM. I am interested in the Saturday dinner thing and possibly a wine tasting Satuday afternoon. It will be myslef and a "friend" ... Sorry to have been absent for so long. Hope to...
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    Boating Safety

    Res Ipsa Loquitur If the mechanic had the boat shortly before the accident and he was working on he area that failed ... me thinks you have a case. Call a lawyer because you have repair and associated costs, the costs of the original repair, and...
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    Cigar Girl® for 8/11/09

    LMAO!!!! Now THAT was frigg'n funny. And YES she is ...
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    If you listen to post WWII music

    A legend in the music world. Sad news indeed.
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    Cigar Hottie NSFW

    "What'd you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat? You motorboatin son of a b*tch! You old sailor you!" WEDDING CRASHERS
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    Agreed, swearing just for the sake of swearing merely casts light on the speaker's ignorance and lack of command of the English language.
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    Stupid newbie

    Lesson #1: Never ask the wife to grab the humi to pass out cigars. Lesson #2: Always supervise the selection of the cigars if being done from an open humi. Lesson #3: Keep a humi especially for handouts and friends that don't smoke or don't smoke all the time. Lesson #4: If you are not...
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    Any attorneys out there?

    Relax and have confidence in your knowledge and that you are well prepared. Also ... the advice I received, and followed, was to get a hotel room downtown for the three-day exam. Less likely you will get into a traffic/parking delay. I did this and was walking distance to the testing site and it...
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    A Blast From The Past

    "Extra Length, Extra Taste, Extra Pleasure ... for only a dime."
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    Car stolen last night

    Jails overcrowded, no $$$ to pay more DOC and Sheriff to run the place, no $$$ to build more jails/prisons and if there were nobody wants it built in their neighborhood. Given the complete state of chaos our state is in I am surprised that the entire system has not shut down and everyone has...
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    **UPDATE** My Wife Will Be On "Wheel of Fortune"...

    Good luck to her and please let us know when the "air date" is as it will be fun to watch someone we all "know" play the game. I will personally put $50 in the pool to be paid to her if she does this. The only caveat is that it HAS to make the air so we can prove she actually pulled this off...
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    Colorado Springs, CO

    Anyone interested in meeting up or at the very least suggesting some place one might be able to purchase and smoke a cigar?
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    Selling ex girlfriend for cigars

    Because nobody has said it yet .... Group buy?? :cool: