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    Happy Birthday, Trey (Spad31)

    Happy Birthday, Trey... good to see you back!
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    Massage by James?

    Well done!
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    CP Newbie Review of The Last Tsar from Caldwell

    Great and interesting review...
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    Awesome guitar

    Your avatar is holding an awesome air guitar too...
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    Padron Damaso Announced for IPCPR 2015

    I don't smoke a lot of Connecticuts, but I've gotta try this one.
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    Guess my closing date contest

    I was beginning to think that this was never going to happen... congrats!
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    Dip Question

    Funny how I just accepted this as a fact when a friend told me this years ago about the Copenhagen that he used. I never used dip, so I guess I never thought to look into if it was true or not. I just looked it up on and they claim that it's just an urban legend just like the...
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    Happy Birthday, billytpage.

    Happy Birthday...
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    Happy Birthday, Backslide

    Happy Birthday...
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    Bachelor Party Smokes

    I had a Boneshaker the other day... that'll get the job done. I didn't puke, but I took it slow and had to do some deep breathing excercises when I was done.
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    Sandal Bomb

    Great story! I can totally visualize this happening...